Institutional Awards and Prizes

The Arthur B. McDonald Research Chairs

The Arthur B. McDonald Chairs were established in 2016 as a way to honour Dr. McDonald, a Dalhousie Alumnus and Nobel Laureate, and to recognize and retain professors of high-calibre at the university.

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The President’s Research Excellence Awards

The Dalhousie University President’s Research Excellence Awards recognize the research achievements of Dalhousie University faculty at all stages of their career.  

Emerging Investigator

The President’s Research Excellence Awards for Emerging Investigators have been created to honour those who, early in their careers, have made noteworthy contributions to Dalhousie’s research culture.

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Dr. Michael Halpin
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Dr. Brandon Heung
Faculty of Agriculture

Dr. Finlay Maguire
Faculty of Computer Science

Dr. Caitlin McArthur
Faculty of Health

Dr. Amina Stoddart
Faculty of Engineering

Dr. Alana Westwood
Faculty of Science


Dr. Erin Bertrand
Faculty of Science

Dr. Francesca Di Cara
Faculty of Medicine

Dr. Brendan Leung
Faculty of Medicine

Dr. Eric Oliver
Faculty of Science

Dr. Olga Theou
Faculty of Health

Dr. Tom Ue
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences


Dr. Jeanette Boudreau
Faculty of Medicine

Dr. Leah Cahill
Faculty of Medicine

Dr. Saurabh Chitnis
Faculty of Science

Dr. Shashi Gujar
Faculty of Medicine

Dr. Israat Haque
Faculty of Computer Science

Prof. Naiomi Metallic
Faculty of Law


Dr. Zhenyu Cheng
Faculty of Medicine

Dr. Noreen Kamal
Faculty of Engineering

Dr. John Frampton
Faculties of Engineering and Medicine

Dr. Adelina Iftene
Faculty of Law

Dr. Floris Goerlandt
Faculty of Engineering

Dr. Melanie Zurba
Faculty of Management


Dr. Mita Dasog
Faculty of Science

Dr. Rita Orji
Faculty of Computer Science

Dr. Karen Foster
Faculty of Sociology and Social Anthropology

Dr. Stefanie Colombo
Faculty of Agriculture

Dr. Barret Kurylyk
Faculty of Engineering

Dr. Mohammad Hajizadeh
Faculty of Health 


Dr. Marsha Campbell-Yeo
Faculty of Health

Dr. Robin Urquhart 
Faculty of Medicine

Dr. Natalie Rosen
Faculty of Science

Dr. Alex Quinn
Faculty of Medicine

Dr. Alex Speed 
Faculty of Science

Dr. Tony Walker
Faculty of Management

Dal News: New president's awards recognize research achievement 

Research Impact

The President’s Research Excellence Awards for Research Impact have been created to recognize researchers who have, in recent years, made a major and impactful contribution to their field of research.  

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Distinguished Research Professorships

The title of Distinguished Research Professor is granted to a limited number of individual Dalhousie faculty members who have achieved distinction in scholarship. 

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Current Distinguished Research Professors:

Marsha Campbell-Yeo Faculty of Health 2023-2028
Graham Dellaire Faculty of Medicine 2023-2028
Paul Amyotte Faculty of Engineering 2022-2027
Sara Kirk Faculty of Health 2022-2027
Heike Lotze Faculty of Science 2022-2027
Robert Currie Faculty of Law 2021-2026
Craig McCormick Faculty of Medicine 2021-2026
Ratika Parkash Faculty of Medicine 2021-2026
Nur Zincir-Heywood Faculty of Computer Science 2021-2026
Lois Jackson  Faculty of Health 2020-2025
Susan Howlett Faculty of Medicine 2019-2024
Krista Kesselring Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences 2019-2024
David Burton Faculty of Agriculture  2018-2023
Janice Graham Faculty of Medicine 2018-2023
Susan Kirkland Faculty of Medicine 2018-2023

Past Distinguished Research Professors:

Francoise Baylis Faculty of Medicine 2018-2022
Ingrid Sketris College of Pharmacy 2017-2022
Zhizhang Chen Electrical and Computer Engineering 2017-2022
Evangelos Milios Computer Science 2017-2022
John Archibald Biochemistry and Molecular Biology  2016-2021
Jocelyn Downie Schulich School of Law 2016-2021
Graham Gagnon Civil and Resource Engineering 2016-2021
Yuri Leving Russian 2016-2021
Julia Wright English 2016-2021
Roy Duncan Microbiology and Biophysics 2012-2017
Alan Fine Physiology & Biophysics 2012-2017
Robert Brownstone Surgery/Anatomy & Neurobiology 2011-2016
John Cullen Oceanography 2011-2016
Philip Girard Law 2011-2016
Gregory Hanlon History 2011-2016
Richard Nowakowski Math & Stats 2011-2016
Hal Whitehead Biology 2011-2016
Richard Devlin Law 2010-2015
Raymond Klein
Psychology 2010-2015
Ian Meinertzhagen Psychology 2010-2015
Arnold Mitnitski Medicine 2010-2015
Mary Anne White Chemistry 2010-2015
Richard Brown
Psychology 2009-2014
Sarah Iverson Biology 2009-2014

Izaak Walton Killam Memorial Chairs

The Killam Chairs are awarded to academics of the highest distinction at Dalhousie, with appointments of up to five years. 

Terms of Reference [PDF - 280KB].

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