Tony Walker



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Phone: 902-494-4478
Fax: 902-494-3728
Mailing Address: 
Kenneth C. Rowe Management Building
Dalhousie University
6100 University Ave, Room 5026
PO Box 15000
Halifax, NS B3H 4R2
Research Topics:
  • Plastic Pollution
  • Microplastics
  • Marine Debris
  • Plastic Policy
  • Industrial Contaminants


  • BSc, University of Portsmouth, UK
  • MPhil, University of Essex, UK
  • PhD, University of Nottingham, UK
  • PDF, Dalhousie University

Research interests

Dr. Walker (he/him) currently focuses his research efforts on a wide range of biophysical sciences related to resource and environmental management, including anthropogenic impacts on the environment including: Monitoring, management, and mitigation of plastic and microplastic pollution; monitoring, management, and mitigation of industrial contaminants on the natural world; remediation and reclamation of contaminated sites; ecological risk assessment (ERA) of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems; Air pollution impacts on ecological and human health; environmental effects monitoring (EEM); environmental impact assessment (EIA); and management of natural resources.

Selected publications

  • McIntyre, J., Duncan, K., Fulton, L., Smith, A., Goodman, A.J., Brown, C.J., Walker, T.R. (2023). Environmental and economic impacts of retrieved abandoned, lost, and discarded fishing gear in Southwest Nova Scotia, Canada. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 192, 115013. DOI:
  • Diggle, A., Walker, T.R., Adams, M. (2023). Examining potential business impacts from the implementation of an extended producer responsibility program for printed paper and packaging waste in Nova Scotia, Canada. Circular Economy, 100039. DOI:
  • Giacosa, G., Rainham, D.G., Walker, T.R. (2023). Identifying Sources of Industrial Emissions of Fine Particulate Matter (PM2.5) in Nova Scotia, Canada. Atmospheric Pollution Research. 101757. DOI:
  • Walker, T.R., Fequet, L. (2023). Current trends of unsustainable plastic production and micro (nano) plastic pollution. TrAC Trends in Analytical Chemistry, 160, 116984. DOI:
  • Maltby, E.A., Oakes, K.D., Walker, T.R., Williams, J., Wyeth, R.C. (2023). Baseline monitoring of contaminant concentrations in American lobster (Homarus americanus) tissues from coastal Northumberland Strait, Nova Scotia, Canada. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 189, 114794. DOI:
  • MacDonald, A., Allen, D., Williams, L., Flowers, P., Walker, T.R. (2023). People, plastic, and behaviour change–a comment on drivers of plastic pollution, barriers to change and targeted behaviour change interventions. Environmental Science: Advances. DOI:
  • Rector, M.E., Filgueira, R., Bailey, M., Walker, T.R., Grant, J. (2023). Sustainability outcomes of aquaculture eco-certification: challenges and opportunities. Reviews in Aquaculture, 15(2), 840-852. DOI:
  • Walker, T.R. (2023). The Maldives should not become the world's garbage dump by importing plastic waste. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 189, 114749. DOI:
  • Liu, Z., Ashton, W.S., Adams, M., Wang, Q., Cote, R.P., Walker, T.R., Sun, L., Lowitt, P. (2023). Diversity in financing and implementation pathways for industrial symbiosis across the globe. Environment, Development and Sustainability, 25, 960–978. DOI: 
  • Walker, T.R. (2023). The tropics should not become the world's plastic pollution problem. Journal of Tropical Futures. DOI:
  • De-la-Torre, G.E., Romero Arribasplata, M.B., Lucas Roman, V.A., Póvoa, A.A., Walker, T.R. (2023). Marine litter colonization: Methodological challenges and recommendations. Frontiers in Marine Science, 10, 197. 
  • Green, D.S., Almroth, B.C., Altman, R., Bergmann, M., Gündoğdu, S., Warrier, A.K., Boots, B., Walker, T.R., Krieger, A., Syberg, K. (2023). Time to kick the butt of the most common litter item in the world: Ban cigarette filters. Science of The Total Environment, 865(3), 161256. DOI: 
  • Ragan, M., Walker, T.R., Zurba, M. (2023). A pilot study of small craft harbors in Nova Scotia, Canada: Examining livelihoods associated with these facilities. Coastal Management, 51(1), 42-64. DOI:

Selected awards and honours

  • Research Impact Award winner, Faculty of Management, Dalhousie University (2021/22)
  • Winner of the Teaching Excellence Award, Faculty of Management, Dalhousie University (2019)
  • Winner of the inaugural Dalhousie President's Excellence Research Award, Emerging Scholar (2018)

Service & Activity

Teaching Responsibilities

  • ENVI 5505 - Biophysical Dimensions of Resource and Environmental Management;
  • ENVI 5035 - Research Design and Methods;
  • ENVI 5011 - Pollution Abatement: Monitoring, Mitigation and Management