Creating knowledge to slow environmental destruction

Given the demands of a growing population and rising consumption expectations, the rates of environmental degradation and loss are deeply problematic. As a society, we think we know how the world works, but often this is based on best guesses or insights from another place or time. Our research at SRES is critically important as it helps reveal more about the reality of our options, which results in better decisions, less environmental devastation and better outcomes for society.

Research strengths

Research at SRES covers a wide range of issues related broadly to humans in the environment. Find out which areas we focus on.

Communicating our findings

We are continuously publishing and otherwise getting our research findings out to broad audiences. Take a look at our research output and read about our research in the news.

Graduate students are at the core of what we do

Research opportunities for graduate students at SRES are bountiful. Our students are central to the work we do, as they drive much of the data collection and analysis. See what research projects our students are working on.