SRES & the World

The international search for sustainability

Understanding how humans interact with our environment is an essential part of the pursuit of sustainability. As our global communities have grown and become increasingly interconnected, scholarship at SRES has too.

We pursue resource and environmental challenges around the world and around the corner. By building on this kind of hands-on experience to address our sustainability challenges, we’re able to base our research on fewer assumptions and more hard facts, and draw on experience elsewhere to address questions closer to home.

Where we’ve been

At SRES, no matter where you want to go, there’s almost always someone who’s been there or knows someone who has. Our far-flung alumni and students have given us the reach to influence work all over the globe.

Our people have come from and are working in a variety of places—from highly populated cities to remote villages. Though many of our students choose to travel on a volunteer basis, much of our international research projects are well supported.