Cross‑Appointed Professors

Tapping into diverse knowledge

Given the enormous range of issues that are encompassed in studying resources and the environment, our cross-appointed professors bring unique and varied knowledge to the student experience.

Scholars are on our cross-appointed list for many reasons. Those with asterixis (*) are open to being approached by MES applicants for the purpose of discussing supervision. They may not be able to offer funding support, but conversations about shared interested are welcomed.  

Applicants may additionally want to see our adjunct list as these individuals can provide co-supervision along with a SRES professor.

Cross-appointed professors

Sylvain Charlebois
Faculty of Management

Food distribution, food policy, food safety, food security, and traceability.  Dr. Charlebois conducts research in the broad area of food distribution, security and safety. He has written four books and many peer-reviewed and scientific articles—over 500 during his career. His research has been featured in newspapers that include The EconomistNew York Times,Boston Globe, Wall Street Journal, Foreign Affairs, Globe & Mail, National Post and Toronto Star.

Graham Gagnon*
Civil & Resource Engineering

Environmental engineering processes; design and optimization of drinking water treatment processes; corrosion control and bacterial growth in distribution systems; biofilm kinetics; biological process design for water and wastewater treatment; and membrane processes in drinking water treatment.

Larry Hughes
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Greenhouse gas studies; energy security; climate change; transportation; and sustainable energy systems.

Richard leBrasseur
Landscape Architecture and Environmental Design
Ecologically-sensitive design, landscape urbanism, eco-justice; environmental psychology; sustainable development.

Dr. leBrasseur leads the interdisciplinary Green Infrastructure Performance Lab (GIPL)which explores the intersection between greenspaces and ecological performance. The GIPL examines the impact of landscape change on natural features and human wellbeing and uses the findings in order to influence sustainable development.

Daniel Rainham*
School of Health and Human Performance

Broad research interests are directed at understanding the associations between human health and ecological integrity. Geographic information science, spatial analysis and eco-epidemiology provide some of the tools and theories to guide his research. His current research uses wearable global positioning system technology to investigate the influence of neighbourhood characteristics on human health and measures of environmental sustainability.

Lorn Sheehan
Rowe School of Business

A stakeholder approach to strategic management and tourism destination management. Related to entrepreneurship and tourism; socially inclusive tourism; and risk and tourism.

M. Ali Ülkü
Rowe School of Business

Green logistics; sustainable supply chains; sustainable operations management.

Tarah Wright*
Environmental Science Programs

Environmental sustainability in higher education; indicators of environmental sustainability; institutional environmental change; and environmental education.

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