ENVS Advising office hours:

ENVS Academic Advisors, Dr. Susan Gass or Dr. Amy Mui, will meet with anyone who has questions about degree requirements or any advising questions at all.

Advising office hours:
Sue Gass – Wednesdays, 9:30-11:30 am
Amy Mui – Thursdays, 2:00-4:00 pm

Please email them to set up an appointment at or


We Recommend

Essential reading and viewing for Environmental Science students recommended by ENVS faculty.


  • Congratulations to all the 2018-19 Environmental Science Program Award Winners:
    University Medal: Siobhan Takala
    Environmental Science Thesis Prize: Julia Baak
    Environmental Science Honours Society Award:
    Faelan Prentice   
    Haley MacDonald   
    Anna Irwin-Borg   
    Jessica Needham   
    Siobhan Takala 
    Julia Baak 
    Megan Fong   
    Jilian Barnett 
    Yichen Wu   
    Lama Farhat
    Environmental Science Award: Thomas Harrison
    Owen Hertzman Prize: Julia Baak and Julia Fast
    Pearson Education Canada Book Prize: Megan Haley
  • Congratulations to Nina Garrett who won the Sobey Undergraduate Student Research Award and Jordan Haughn who won an NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award. The USRA’s are a great way to gain research experience during the summer working with faculty in your area of interest. Thanks to you both and all of our other ENVS applicants – you make us proud!
  • Congratulations to Amy Frost-Wicks, winner of the 2018-19 Art and Dorothy Cooke Memorial Research Scholarship.