Owen Hertzman Prize

The Owen Hertzman Prize is granted annually to an Environmental Science student who is deemed to have contributed significantly to Environmental Science school life.

2021 Recipients - Catherine Brenan and Emma Taniguchi
Catherine Brenan is a third-year co-op student with a joint major in Environmental Science and Chemistry. Emma Taniguchi is a fourth-year student in Environmental Science. They both are the co-chairs of the Environmental Programs Student Society.

Previous Recipients

2021 Michelle Mann and Chiara Ferrero-Wong
2020 Julia Fast and Michelle Mann
2109  Julia Baak and Julia Fast
2018 Julia Baak and Lauren Ballantyne  
2017 Jenny Boehner and Yvonne Ritchie
2016 Adrean Ojoleck and Yvonne Ritchie
2015 Emma Halupka, Wendy Margetts and Allison Welk
2014 Joanna Brenchley and Emma Halupka
2013 Haley Guest
2012 Sanjay Cishecki and Cheryl Robinson
2011 Robin Tress
2010 Emily Rideout
2009 Caitlin Owens
2008 Alison Koper
2007 Janice Ashworth
2006 Erin Balser
2005 Carmen Lishman