Research Facilities

The Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences houses a number of world-class laboratory research facilities, some of which operate as regional facilities with significant use by researchers outside of Earth and Environmental Sciences. Most of these labs are used for honours and graduate student teaching and thesis research. Some labs are staffed by university funded technologists, while other labs have grant- or contract-funded technicians. A number of the labs operate mainly as support facilities for teaching and research programs, and offer for teaching and research programs, and offer services to the community at large.

Faculty Research Laboratories

Laboratory Principal Investigator
Basin & Reservoir Lab Grant Wach   (902) 494-8019
Dalhousie Geodynamics Group Chris Beaumont   (902) 494-3779
Dalhousie Quake Group Miao Zhang (902) 494-2831
Education for Sustainability Research Group Tarah Wright (902) 497-1831
Experimental High Pressure Geological Research Laboratory James Brenan (902) 494-2355
Yana Fedortchouk (902) 494-8432
Facility for Stream Chemistry and Hydrology Shannon Sterling (902) 494-7741
Fission-Track Thermochronology Laboratory Isabelle Coutand (902) 494-7827
Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP-OES) Laboratory John Gosse (902) 494-2358
Laser Ablation ICP‑MS Lab James Brenan (902) 494-2355
Roman Kislitsyn, Lab Technologist (902) 494-4455
Marine Core Storage and Analysis Facility Vittorio Maselli
Owen Sherwood (902) 494-3604
NFSI (National Facility for Seismic Imaging) Mladen Nedimovic (902) 494-4524
Patterns Numerical and Analogue Modeling Laboratory Lawrence Plug (902) 494-1200
Seismic Analysis and Modeling Laboratory Mladen Nedimovic (902) 494-4524
Stable Isotope Biogeochemistry Laboratory Owen Sherwood (902) 494-3604

Terrestrial Cosmogenic Nuclide Facility

  1. 10Be and 26Al sample prep wet and dry labs
  2. 36Cl wet lab
  3. 14C gas extraction lab
  4. ICP-OES lab
John Gosse (902) 494-6632
Guang Yang, Facility Manager (902) 494-1211
The Robert M. MacKay Electron Microprobe Laboratory (EMPA laboratory) James Brenan (902) 494-2355
(U-Th)/He Laboratory Djordje Grujic (902) 494-2208
Roman Kislitsyn, Lab Technologist (902) 494-4455