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Global leaders in ocean research

Oceans are an area of special emphasis at Dalhousie. More than 100 of our faculty are involved in research ranging from oceanography and marine biology to law and engineering.

DalPower researchers

2016_DalPower Dahn

World renowned battery researcher, Dr. Jeff Dahn, is increasing the lifetime and energy density of rechargeable lithium ion batteries. Learn more about his research.

Research news

  • Pilot whale families "babysit" each other's young
    PhD student Joana Augusto is the lead author of new research finding that babysitting, or alloparental care, is an integral part of the social structure of pilot whale pods.
  • Researchers find that electrical function may be restored in damaged heart tissue
    Dalhousie Medical School's Dr. Alex Quinn has found that electrical connections between scar tissue and healthy tissue occur in the heart — a discovery that could have significant implications for rehabilitating people with heart damage.
  • President Trump: Now what?
    On Friday, Donald Trump officially becomes the 45th president of the United States. We asked Dal experts and others taking part in this week's panel event on campus to weigh in on what a Trump presidency may mean for the U.S. and the world.
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Aboriginal and Indigenous Research in the News

Setting a new context for indigenous research and education

University Affairs - From the Admin Chair: Dr. Martha Crago reflects on changing educational and research institutions. Read the full story.

Supporting Aboriginal communities  

A look at Aboriginal research at Dal: Given Dalhousie’s location in the heart of Mi’kmaq territory, it’s perhaps not surprising to find a number of  research projects taking place with Aboriginal and Indigenous communities. What might be surprising, though, are their variety — and the degree to which they span various communities. Read the full story.