Strategic Research Clusters

We bring scholars together from across disciplines into six Strategic Research Clusters to address some of the world’s most difficult questions and complex challenges.    

Research in Ocean

Sustainable Ocean

Leading the world in ocean research, Dalhousie scholars advance marine science through research breakthroughs, innovative technology, and global partnerships.  

Healthy People, Communities and Populations - Research Area

Healthy People, Communities, & Populations

Addressing the fundamental underpinnings of health and disease to create better health outcomes for all.

Research in Sustainable Food Systems

Sustainable Food Systems

Actively pursuing advancements to improve food security and environmental sustainability.

Research in Climate tech and clean energy

Climate Tech And Clean Energy

Building, energizing, and feeding the possibilities of a more sustainable and green future.

Culture and Society Research

Culture and Society

Illuminating our understanding of society, the arts, systems, and cultures in our interconnected world.

AI and digital innovation research

AI and Digital Innovation

Leveraging advancements in technology to discover new knowledge that benefits our world and society.