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Strategic plan

2021-2026: Third Century Promise

Si’st Kasqimtlnaqnipunqekl Teli L’wi’tmasimk

Collage with gold overlay showing four portraits of people at Dalhousie.

A product of our shared aspirations as a Dalhousie community

Expressed through a comprehensive, engaging, and consultative planning process that has spanned two years, Dalhousie's Strategic Plan (2021-2026): Third Century Promise, signals our long-term ambition while providing a clear, actionable strategy to guide us over the course of five years. Having been approved by Dalhousie's Board of Governors in April 2021, our focus now shifts to the implementation of our strategic plan and its 37 action items. Updates will be shared with the Dalhousie community throughout this process and made available online.