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University policies

On this page, you'll find the policies, procedures, and guidelines that are of general interest and application to the university community and visitors.

Policies by category

Academic Schedule Policy  [PDF - 296 kB]

Campus Booking Policy [PDF - 164 kB]

Fair Dealing Policy [PDF - 81 kB]

Grading Practices Policy [PDF - 283 kB]

Scholarly Misconduct Policy [PDF - 216 kB]

Syllabus Policy [PDF - 307 kB]

University Closure Policy [PDF - 301 kB]

Video Surveillance Policy [PDF - 391 kB]

Accident Investigation

Accident Reporting

Alcohol Policy  [PDF - 285 kB]

Asbestos Management Policy [PDF - 111 kB]

Biosecurity Plan [PDF - 5.5 MB]

Contractor Safety Policy [PDF - 22 kB]

Equipment Lockout Policy

Green Cleaning Policy [PDF - 115 kB]

Local Safety Committee Policy

No Smoking Policy [PDF - 32 kB]

Pet Animals Policy (Currently under review)

Safe Commuting Policy

Sustainability Policy [PDF - 184 kB]

Workshop Safety Policy [PDF - 47 kB]

Workplace Violence Policy [PDF - 190 kB]

Additional policy resources

If you can’t find the policy you’re looking for on this site, try searching in the following locations: 

  • Unit websites: Policies related to a single Faculty, department or administrative group my be found on their website or myDal intranet site.
  • Academic calendars: Dalhousie's academic calendars include information on university regulations, academic regulations, and degree requirements.
  • Collective agreements: Collective agreements for all employee groups at Dalhousie can be found on the Labour Relations website.
  • Residence code of conduct: Visit the Residence website to learn more about the rules and responsibilities of living in residence. The residence code of conduct can be found in the Residence Community Living Guide.
  • Safety and crisis management: You’ll find the Dalhousie University Crisis Management Master Plan on the Facilities Management website.

Policy governance

The University Secretariat is responsible for maintaining the policy repository. Dalhousie's policies, procedures and guidelines are developed, reviewed, and modified on an ongoing basis. The official versions of current policies, procedures and guidelines are contained on this site and are updated as appropriate approving authorities approve changes. While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the policies included on this site, the university does not warrant the completeness of the repository. 

Policy on policies

The Policy on Policies establishes a mechanism to develop, approve, amend, review, and revoke University Policies in a consistent and coordinated manner which respects the University’s governance requirements and core values that guide decision-making.

View the Policy on Policies [PDF - 129 kB]

University policy template

University policies must be drafted using the approved university policy template. This template is also available in Appendix A of the Policy on Policies.

For a Word version of this template, contact the University Secrcetariat.

Download the university policy template [PDF - 64 kB]

Polices A-Z

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Policy contacts

For questions about the policy repository:

Contact John Hope, general counsel and university secretary

For questions about specific policies:

Contact the responsible unit listed on the policy document.