Rules, Responsibilities and You

Support us in supporting your student

University is a turning point in the relationship between you, as a parent or guardian, and your student. Students will have additional freedom, responsibility, and control over their own decisions
Although your student is now in university, we know that you can continue to play a positive and influential role. Conversations about important topics such as alcohol use, sex, consent, mental health, diversity and inclusion can have a lasting impact.

We encourage you to talk openly and honestly about these topics before your student arrives on campus. It also helps to learn about the rules, resources and support services that are available at university. This way, when your student shares a problem or concern, instead of trying to fix it for them, you can point them in the right direction and encourage them to act on their own behalf.  

Rules and responsibilties for all students
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We  recommend that you review the Rules & Responsibilities for Halifax or Truro to help prepare your student for living in residence.