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Rules & Responsibilities

Our residence philosophy

It is essential that individuals respect the rights of their fellow residents, including the right to privacy, property, study and rest. All residents have equal opportunity to share common facilities. Only by respecting others’ rights can you expect to have your own rights respected. The spirit of the residence community is one of mutual respect and cooperation, with each resident having the right and obligation to remind fellow residents of their responsibilities if their behaviour departs from reasonable standards.

Residence Code of Conduct

The Residence Code of Conduct (part of the Residence Handbook) is designed to make your introduction to residence easier by outlining our community’s expectations. In the Code of Conduct you'll find:

  • guidelines for appropriate behaviour
  • university code of student conduct
  • policies and regulations

View the Residence Code of Conduct

Your Residence Agreement

The Residence Agreement is a contract between you and the university. The purpose of the agreement is to protect both you and the university by outlining the responsibilities of both parties.

Most students will have accepted their agreement through our online residence application process. View a copy of the agreement [PDF 318kB] for reference purposes only.


If you have any questions, please contact the Residence Office.