Decorating Your Room

Feeling at home in residence

Decorating your room is a great way to feel at home and express your personality. Below are some common questions about personalizing your space:

Can I hang anything on the walls?

Yes, but be sure that wall hangings do not block smoke detectors, fire alarms or sprinklers. You can’t use tape or tacks when hanging up posters and photos. Instead, use removable adhesives such as sticky tack or ‘removable stickies’ available at your residence desk. Please note there will be a fee for any damage to walls from posters or pictures at the end of the year.

Can I bring my own furniture?

No, you aren’t allowed to bring outside furniture, like beds or chairs, into residence.  If you have medical or personal reasons for needing to bring outside furniture, you need to get a facilities manager to agree to the furniture before your arrive.

You are responsible for the condition of the furniture provided in your room. You should report any damage found on move-in day to the front desk when you arrive.

All furniture in your residence building is assigned to specific areas. You can’t move any furniture to different areas in your residence building.

Can I rearrange the furniture in my room?

You are allowed to move the furniture in your room. Remember that you are responsible for any costs associated with damage from moving the furniture.

For safety reasons, do not disassemble or reassemble furniture, including closet doors and bed boards for any reason. Any furniture that you disassemble needs to be reassembled by a recognized professional at your cost.

You can adjust the height of your bed if you have an adjustable bed. If you need help, please fill out a maintenance request.

Can I decorate my door?

You can decorate your door, but for fire safety reasons, no more than 40% of your door may be decorated at a time. You can place items on the bulletin board or whiteboard outside your room, if you have one. You aren’t allowed to put things on doorframes or walls outside your room.

Hazardous materials

You aren’t allowed to put holes in walls or move ceiling tiles in your residence room due to asbestos.

Many historic buildings in Halifax, including some of our own residences, were built during a time when asbestos was a common construction material.

Today asbestos is considered a hazardous material. Left undisturbed, it poses no health risk. But when asbestos becomes airborne, it can release potentially harmful fibers.

If you find holes in your walls or ceiling tiles that have been moved, please report them by completing a Maintenance Request Form or contact your front desk staff immediately. Trained staff will quickly repair any damaged areas.

The Maintenance Request Form is available through your Residence Hub Page within your Residence Application in Dal Online. Once you have checked into your room, you will see a Maintenance Request option under your Requests section.

For more information about asbestos and Dalhousie’s Asbestos Management Plan, please consult the Office of Environmental Health and Safety.