Moving In

Get ready to pack up and move in

Move-in Day is exciting and busy. Try not to worry and enjoy the experience. Make your residence move-in even easier by taking care of some things before you arrive.

Complete the Before You Arrive online module

The Before You Arrive online module is an important part of getting ready to move into residence. You'll find information about what to expect in residencewhat to bring and how to move in. Sign in through Dal Online and complete the Before You Arrive section (available July 15, 2019) in your Residence Application.

Only bring the things you'll need

Each residence room comes with standard furniture. Find out what is included, and what you should bring.

Have your textbooks and dorm essentials waiting for you

You can order your textbooks and dorm essentials online and have them available on Move-in Day.

Complete release form

To protect your privacy, we can't release any information regarding your whereabouts (even to your parents) unless you complete the Personal Information Release Form.

Move-in Day

Move-in day can be hectic, but don't panic: we've got a plan.

Get your DalCard ready to go

Submit your photo online and deposit money onto your card so it will be ready and waiting when you arrive. See Get Your DalCard to learn more.

Request overnight parking

Find out about overnight parking and how to request a permit.

Have questions about starting at Dal?

Find the answers to all of your questions on the Student Orientation website, including a checklist, helpful tips, info about life on campus, and more.