Move‑in Day

We look forward to meeting you

The residence complex on the Agricultural Campus is located on Horseshoe Cres., directly off of College Road. (View our campus map and building directory.)

  • Move-in Day: Sept. 2, 2023
  • Move-in Times: 9 a.m.–3 p.m.; scheduled appointments for every hour (will be scheduled in Before You Arrive module)

If you cannot move in during the scheduled check in times, please email to make alternate arrangements.

Move-in instructions: Fall 2023

  1. Drive into Horseshoe Crescent at your scheduled move-in time.  Follow signage.  There will be volunteers to help guide you.
  2. Go directly to the residence building you’ve been assigned to at your scheduled move in time.  Please show up at your scheduled move in time.  Please bring your move-in helpers. You will sign your paperwork and receive your keys. If you are New to Dal, you can pick up your DalCard when you check in. Staff will be available to help direct you to your room.
  3. Move your vehicle.  There is limited space in front of each building.  Once your vehicle is unpacked, please move it to the large parking lot located on the backside of Chapman House.  If you have brought your own vehicle to campus, please make sure to register for a parking pass at
  4. Any online orders you’ve made before you arrived can be picked up from the Residence Office, located in Fraser House (10 Horseshoe Crst.).
  5. Returning students can pick up belongings from storage. Staff will be able to assist with opening the storage rooms.

Download your move-in instructions and take them with you to make your move in easy and stress-free!