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Cleaning, Garbage & Repairs

Cleaning & maintenance

You are responsible for cleaning your own room. Neatness and cleanliness of the residence is a responsibility shared by all residents. Custodial Services is only responsible for general cleaning, such as vacuuming and emptying garbage in the common areas. 

Garbage & recycling

Each residence has its own garbage procedures but in general, all garbage must be bagged, tied at the top and placed in the garbage bin. All bottles are to be placed in recycling blue bags. Never put sharp objects or broken glass in garbage cans or bags as this puts other residents and custodial/maintenance staff at risk. If required, appropriate needle disposal containers are available at Health Services.

Garbage etiquette
You share the responsibility with other residents for keeping the public areas clean and sanitary. Proper disposal of your trash and participating in the recycling/composting program helps to maintain a healthy living environment. Failure to keep room and public areas clean can result in disciplinary action.

Waste sorting and disposal
It is your responsibility to ensure that all personal garbage, recycling and organics is brought to the designated area in your residence and sorted appropriately. Organics should not stay in your dorm room for more than a day. Recycling centres include bins for paper, recycling, refundable containers, organics and garbage with signage to instruct you on what goes where.


We take maintenance issues in our residences seriously. If you see something in your room or a common area that needs our attention, please complete a Maintenance Request Form (MRF). Please provide as much detail as possible about the problem. Submitting this form also gives us permission to enter your room to do the repair, if required.

The Maintenance Request Form is available through your Residence Hub Page within your Residence Application in Dal Online.  Once you have checked into your room, you will see a Maintenance Request option under your Requests section.

In the event of an emergency, please make sure you also report the problem directly to residence staff. Our maintenance request system is not monitored overnight or on weekends. Residence staff will be able to determine if a problem should be handled immediately or if it can wait until the next work day. Residence assistants, dons and/or campus security are available 24/7.

Right of entry
For all maintenance, custodial and residence staff, the protocol for entering a room is as follows:

  1. knock on the door, wait
  2. knock on the door, announce who they are and that they have a key
  3. knock on the door while entering the room