Waste Management & Recycling


Indoor Waste Bin Standards

  • Please refer to the Indoor Waste Bin Standards, which specify waste bins and signage for different spaces on campus.
  • Highlights of the standard include:
    • Building hallways have four-bin systems including Paper,  Recyclables, Organics, and Garbage (PROG). 
    • Offices and residence rooms have transfer bins to collect their waste before sorting it in the hallway PROG

We Recycle

  • Paper: Clean and dry paper, newsprint, glossy magazines and flyers, boxboard.
  • Recyclables: Beverage containers; all plastic containers; tin, steel, and aluminum cans; clean aluminum foil and plates; tetra packs; plastic bags; glass bottles and containers.
  • Cardboard: We request that you flatten cardboard boxes prior to placing them out for collection. 

Organic Waste

  • Organic Waste: All food waste, kitchen paper towel, paper napkins, food wrapping, wax paper, paper plates.
  • The grounds-keeping crew diverts leaves, grass clippings and branches to a proper composting facility for the Halifax campuses. At the AC on-campus yard waste, manure, and biomass ash is used to create compost for campus use.

Landfill Waste

  • Custodians transfer waste to campus dumpsters. Waste is collected daily from the dumpsters and compacted at the Facilities Management warehouse. Outside contractors haul the waste to the landfill in HRM at Otter Lake landfill (municipal landfill), 30 km away and the Colchester Balefill approximately 20 km away.
  • Please do not place cardboard, metal, renovation/construction debris, or other recyclable items in exterior waste dumpsters.

Specialized Waste

  • Please refer to Chemical Waste Collection (sharepoint.com) information on MyDal (login required). If you have questions regarding these procedures, please contact Steve Beaton, the Chemical Safety Officer, at Steve.Beaton@dal.ca or (902) 494-1934.
  • Please visit the Office of Sustainability MyDal page for recycling information about batteries, florescent bulbs, electronics, paint, printer cartridges, and white goods. If you have any questions about the battery program or if you would like to obtain a battery box: contact Client Reception at (902) 494-3345.
  • Dalhousie diverts 75% of its construction and demolition waste from both small internal jobs and larger projects completed by external contractors.  

Contact us

If you have any questions relating to waste management or recycling, please contact Mike Wilkinson  M.Wilkinson@dal.ca