Safety at Facilities Management


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Working diligently and safely to safeguard the well being of everyone

Facilities Management (FM) is committed to the safety of its workers. It is one of our objectives; to create a culture which will foster motivated, successful employees, to ensure a safe work environment by developing and maintaining an effective safety program.

All employees are encouraged to offer suggestions that will help enhance safety in FM. Any suggestions may be made through oral or written communication to Supervisors, Managers or FM Safety Committee representatives.

If you have a health and safety concern, first discuss that matter with your immediate supervisor. Your supervisor will work with you to resolve the issue. You can also request your local health and safety committee to investigate your concern. University employees should be aware that, at any time, they have the right to refuse unsafe work, as outlined under the Occupational Health and Safety Act of Nova Scotia.

For more information visit the Dalhousie Department of Environmental Health and Safety webpage.