WiFi, TV & Phone

WiFi and TV service included in residence fees

Residence fees include dedicated high-speed Internet and WiFi in residence, currently provided by Eastlink. You'll also have direct access to live and OnDemand TV streaming on any device through the native streaming apps of more than 30 popular TV networks. You will also be able to enjoy an expanded selection of HD programming options -- including more movie channels and sports networks -- in your residence TV lounges. See below for more information on these new entertainment options.

TV Network and OnDemand Streaming

Tons of TV programming at your fingertips

Live TV and OnDemand TV Series

Enjoy direct access to dozens of TV network streaming services -- for free.

This improved streaming solution will:

  • Improve your viewing experience on laptops, tablets and smartphones
  • Ensure you have access to the latest episodes and value-added content available
  • Enable you to access these networks from anywhere in Canada
  • In most cases, enable resident students to connect their laptop, tablet, smartphone to larger external screens

With your Eastlink Streaming username and password, you can use these credentials to login in directly to TV network websites on your laptop and app on your tablet/smartphone.

TV network live and OnDemand streaming is available to all residence students and is included in your residence fees.

How to Connect

  1. Log on to the Residence WiFi.
  2. Get your new Eastlink TV Streaming username (Dal NetID) and your temporary password by filling in this simple form. Eastlink will provide your temporary password quickly.
  3. Visit your favourite TV network websites or download their app from either Google Play or the App Store.
  4. Sign in by choosing Eastlink as your TV service provider, and enter your Dalhousie NetID and your Eastlink Streaming password, and enjoy.

Streaming Network Links

TV Network Login page
A&E Canada Login
Animal Planet Login
BNN Bloomberg Login
City TV Login
CNN Login
CNN International Login
CP24 Login
CTV Comedy Login
CTV Drama Login
CTV Login
CTV News Channel Login
CTV 2 Login
CTV Sci-Fi Login
Discovery Science Login
HLN, CNNgo Login
Investigation Discovery Login
Rogers Sportsnet One Login
Sportsnet 360 Login
Sportsnet East Login
Sportsnet Ontario Login
Sportsnet Pacific Login
Sportsnet West Login
The Discovery Channel Canada Login
TSN Login
TSN 2 Login
TSN 3 Login
TSN 4 Login
TSN 5 Login

As additional TV networks are added, we will let you know!

Expanded HD Entertainment in TV Lounges

More movies & sports

TVs in the common areas provide access to an even bigger selection of more of what you want, including:

  • Super Sports Package - you won’t miss a minute of action with NHL Centre Ice, MLB Extra Innings, NBA League Pass, US College Football and Basketball. Channels 431-471, 491
  • More movie channels: Movietime, Super Channel Fuse, Super Channel Vault, Super Channel Heart & Home, Hollywood Suite 2000s, Hollywood Suite 90s, Hollywood Suite 80s
  • Adult Swim and the Documentary channel

Download our updated channel guides for lounges


To enrich your TV experience even more, additional speciality channels, HD cable and DVRs can be ordered directly from Eastlink. See the Eastlink website for what more you can get to customize your entertainment package. Call 902-377-4325 to add to your entertainment package.

Dedicated Residence WiFi

Your high-speed, dedicated Internet connection in residence

Highlights of our Residence WiFi service

  • Access WiFi anywhere in residence on the Residence Secure network
  • You can use WiFi on up to five devices per student at speeds of up to 350 Mbps per device
  • You can also access the network via an Ethernet connection
  • For 24/7 Technical Support for WiFi or streaming please contact Eastlink:

Logging on to the Residence WiFi network

A single login will enable you to connect wherever you are within residence

New for 2023 Fall Semester “Wireless Personal Networks” (WPN). WPN will provide student residents with their own secure WiFi network, in which you can easily connect all your WiFi devices such as laptop, smart phone, tablet, lights, speakers, pictures, TVs, gaming devices, etc.

To set up your WPN, so you can connect all your devices to the Residence Secure WiFi network:

  • Use your smartphone to connect to dal.residence-wifi.net. When prompted click on Manage
  • Residence WiFi password, then when prompted - enter your Dal NetID and password.
  • This will take you to the new WPN page where you will be provided your own Wireless Personal Network (WPN) password and optional QR code.
  • This will be the password you will use for all the devices on your WPN. You can copy the password for use with all your devices you would like to connect to the Residence-Secure WiFi network.

Download this handy reference guide. 

To access the new Dalhousie Residence WiFi network, search for the "Residence Secure" network and log on using your Dalhousie NetID username and your new WPN WiFi password.

Your Dalhousie email account & NetID

When you get accepted to Dalhousie University you're assigned a unique @dal.ca email address that you are expected to use. Please send your new @dal.ca email address to your friends and family. Your NetID is your link to the Residence WiFi network and the Dalhousie WPA2 wireless network used on the rest of campus. Learn more about the available WiFi networks on campus.

To set up your NetID and Dal email address, go to MyDal and click on the New Users link. You will need to have your Student ID number (starts with B00) to set up your email account.

Help us prevent security problems

  • Protect your password - A password is like a toothbrush; choose a good one, don’t share it with anyone, and replace occasionally!
  • Secure your computer - Use antivirus software. Be careful what you download, too. The more you add, the more you risk.
  • Be savvy - Be careful and judicious about what you post online. Never assume an entitlement of privacy online. What you post is forever, for better or worse.

Helpful IT security tips

Visit the Dal Information Technology Services website.

Technical Support

For technical support contact Eastlink directly.

Or download this handy reference guide. [PDF]

Telephone and Wireless Deals

Telephones are not included with your room. However, you can order one directly from Eastlink. Check out the Eastlink website for more information.

Call 902-377-4325 to book an appointment for Eastlink to set up a phone in your room.