Lock‑out Procedures, Mail & Laundry Services

Lock-Out Procedure

If you're locked out of your room, the on-duty RA in your building can help you gain re-entry. There is no set lock-out fee, but individual buildings may institute a small fee. Lost keys are subject to a replacement fee of $50 per room key and $100 per front door key.

Mail services

Your mailbox key will be signed out to you with your room and house key. Your mailing address will include your residence mailing address (See Contact Information for residence addresses) and the specific mailbox number you were given in your room assignment letter. Please use the following format to ensure correct delivery:

Student name
Box #
Residence Name 
Residence Address 
PO Box 550
Truro, NS  B2N 5E3

For couriers, use:
Student Name
Dalhousie Agricultural Campus – Fraser House
10 Horseshoe Crescent - Residence Office
Truro, NS   B2N 5E3

Laundry services

No need to worry about saving your small change—students at the Agricultural Campus pay a flat fee for laundry services. Laundry facilities are located in each residence. See Costs & Fees for more information. Please ensure you're following all public health recommendations when using laundry facilities.