Residence Life

Welcome to your new home

Living in residence is an opportunity to try new things and test your independence, while also finding a new community of friends and support. We encourage you to have a great experience and step out of your comfort zone.

We also want you to take care of one another and be a good bystander. That means if you see something that makes you uneasy–maybe a friend behaving out of character or someone who needs help–tell someone.

Residence Life staff are here to help, not to judge, and can connect students with other people on campus who can assist.

Just for the fun of it

Residence experiences are a great opportunity for personal growth, developing leadership abilities, working within groups, and making friends. Programs and activities offer you a chance to socialize and meet new people, achieve your academic potential, contribute, and learn about yourself and the greater communities around you. 

We also know the people you meet in res can become lifelong friends. Residence Assistants (RAs) are always organizing great floor events tailored to your community’s interests so you can meet people and socialize in a healthy and safe atmosphere.

Great ideas wanted!

You not only have the opportunity to participate in events, but can also play a role in their planning and execution. Your residence life staff will be looking for your help, involvement and ideas to make your residence experience the best it can be. If you have an idea for an event or activity in residence, please contact the Residence Life Manager or the Student Life Administrator for guidance and support.

Leadership and involvement

There are a ton of ways to get involved in your residence community, make a difference and develop your leadership skills.

  • If you’re interested in sticking around residence for another year, consider joining our Residence Life Staff as an RA—it’s a pretty cool gig, if we do say so.