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Impact on Global Goals

Dalhousie is committed to expanding understanding and adherence to the core principles of sustainability, advancing knowledge about climate change, and helping to catalyze evidence-based solutions through our teaching, research, and service that are consistent with the important work of fulfilling the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for 2030.

Learn how Dal is working toward the goals by clicking the SDGs listed below.

Dal is contributing to achieving the these important global goals by:

  • Supporting the SDGs through high-impact research
    The university’s six Strategic Research Clusters are focused on global challenges, in ways that are measurable and collective.
  • Including social responsibility in our student experience
    Dalhousie students are encouraged to get involved with creating a better future for all through curriculum, research opportuntiies, and campus activities.
  • Influencing change as a civic university with global impact
    As stewards of the UN SDGs, we will leverage our global activities to deliver on our local commitments. 
  • Building an operational foundation for inclusion and distinction
    University processes, structures, and governance support social responsibility and sustainability across the institution.