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Our leadership

From academics to research, we benefit from strong, focused leadership across our 13 faculties and units supporting a student population of more than 21,000.
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The president and vice-chancellor is the chief executive officer, responsible to the Board of Governors and to the Senate for the supervision of Dalhousie University’s administrative and academic work. Thirteen presidents have led Dalhousie to date. 


The chancellor is the titular head of Dalhousie University, carrying out the ceremonial and official functions of the university. There have been nine chancellors of Dalhousie to date.

President's Executive

The President’s Executive is accountable for the coordination among the offices that report directly into the President & Vice-Chancellor. 

Its role is to prioritize and accelerate key initiatives (often transformational, multi-disciplinary and / or cross-functional) that carry significant impact for the University, while modeling the values and behaviour expected at every level of Dalhousie University.

Provost and Vice-President Academic
Dr. Frank Harvey

Affiliated offices:

All of Dalhousie’s deans report to the provost, as do three vice-provosts (Student Affairs, Planning & Analytics and Equity & Inclusion) and the two associate vice-presidents academic.

Dr. Alice B. Aiken, CD, PhD, MSc, BScPT, BSc


Office contacts:

Henry Hicks Academic Administration Building 
6283 Alumni Crescent, Suite 231 
PO Box 15000 
Halifax, Nova Scotia 
B3H 4R2


Managing director, research and innovation 

Trevor Weissent, MBA, CPA, CMA, PMP



Chief of staff  

Dr. Martha Smith Brillant 



Senior manager, research & innovation communications 

Andrew Riley 



Manager of research awards & special projects 

Maureen Keough 



Executive assistant and special projects coordinator 

Jeana Daye 



Administrative assistant to associate vice-president research

Jessie Furze 


Gitta Kulczycki  


Office contacts:

Henry Hicks Academic Administration Building 
Dalhousie University 
6283 Alumni Crescent
PO Box 15000 
Halifax, NS B3H 4R2


Chief of staff
Sarah Sherwood


Operations manager and executive assistant
Florence Millard 

Room 108 

Quick links:

Office contacts:

Coburg Place, 6389 Coburg Road 
Dalhousie University 
P.O. Box 15000 
Halifax, NS  B3H 4R2                                                                      
Phone: 902-494-8801

Executive assistant and office manager  
Becky Merritt 


Chief of staff and executive director, administration  
Kate Somers 



Grace Jefferies-Aldridge

Affiliated offices:

Erin Stewart-Reid


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Vice-provosts, associate, and assistant vice-presidents

Our vice-provosts and associate and assistant vice-presidents oversee the operations of the university as established by the university's strategic plan

Associate vice-president, academic

Dr. Leslie Phillmore

University registrar and assistant vice-president, enrolment management

Adam Robertson

Vice-provost, equity and inclusion

Dr. Theresa Rajack-Talley 


Assistant vice‑provost, equity and inclusion

Dr. Barb Hamilton-Hinch

Vice-provost, student affairs

Assistant vice-provost, student engagement and success

Assistant vice-provost, campus living and student wellbeing

Melissa MacKay

Vice-provost, planning and analytics

Assistant vice-provost, planning and strategy

Leanne French-Munn 


Associate vice-president, research

Dr. Jennifer Bain 


Assistant vice-president, research services

Dr. Marlies Rise 


Assistant vice-president, innovation and entrepreneurship

Jeff Larsen 


Assistant vice-president, industry relations, Office of Commercialization and Industry Engagement

Stephen Hartlen 


Chief financial officer and assistant vice-president, financial services

Cheryl Earle 


Assistant vice-president, facilities management (acting)


Craig Arthur 


Chief information officer and assistant vice-president of information technology

Jody Couch

Assistant vice-president, ancillary services (acting)

Assistant vice-president, housing and conference services (acting)

Linda Parker

Assistant vice-president, development

Assistant vice-president, alumni & external engagement (acting)

Associate vice-president, global relations

Balakrishnan Prithiviraj, PhD

Assistant vice-president, communications, marketing, and creative services

General Counsel and University Secretary


Deans are among the senior academic and administrative leaders of the university. They are the academic and administrative leaders of their Faculties. Both as academics and as managers, they provide models of performance and behaviour for their colleagues. 

Board of Governors

The Board of Governors is responsible for the overall conduct, management, administration and control of the property, revenue and business of the university.


The Senate is responsible for the approval of new programs and the granting of degrees and diplomas, setting academic regulations and establishing the academic calendar.

Dalhousie Advisory Council

The Dalhousie Advisory Council provides the president with international strategic counsel on issues that may impact the university, on the development and evaluation of its strategic directions and more.