Gefu Wang-Pruski

Dean and Principal (acting), Professor, Molecular Biology

Phone: (902) 893.6247
Mailing Address: 
Department of Plant, Food, and Environmental Sciences
Faculty of Agriculture
Agricultural Campus
PO Box 550
Truro, NS, B2N 5E3
Research Topics:
  • Potato production
  • food quality and traceability
  • environment protection in disease management and control
  • genomes of plants and their pathogens
  • gene expression profiling
  • association mapping
  • molecular breeding and selection using markers
  • regulation of plant systems against biotic and abiotic conditions


Research interests

  • Potato genome organization
  • Potato’s adaptability to environment
  • Mechanisms of induced immunity to disease
  • Genetic control of potato tuber qualities
  • Genes involved in late blight resistance
  • Vitamin C and antioxidants in potatoes
  • Potatoes as healthy food alternatives

Undergraduate courses

  • BIOA2000: Cell Biology
  • GENE3000: An Introduction to Molecular Genetics
  • GENE4003: Biotechnology

Graduate courses

  • AGRI5750: Biotechnology
  • AGRI5710: I. Fluorescent and Luminescent Marker Genes for Applications in Agriculture and Life Sciences
  • AGRI5710: II. Advanced Techniques in Molecular Biology and Genomics
  • AGRI5710: III Understanding Genetic and Environmental Controls of a Trait