Potato Molecular Biology & Genomics Lab

Our mission

Our goal is to conduct research and training to increase food production, food quality and nutrition in plants using fundamental knowledge and skills in genetics and genomics, which in turn will support agriculture and economy in Atlantic Canada.

Ongoing research programs and projects

  1. After-cooking darkening and potato processing
  2. Identification of gene markers associated with photoperiod in potatoes
  3. Potato induced resistance against late blight
  4. Late blight resistant gene regulations in potatoes
  5. Verticillium wilt in potatoes and strawberries
  6. Use of environmentally friendly fungicides in potato production systems
  7. Use of rotation crops to control soil pathogens
  8. Nutrient contents and distributions in potato varieties
  9. Factors influencing potato consumption
  10. Study of production traits in potatoes using transcriptomic, proteomic and metabolomics tools

Staff and students

Dr. Gefu Wang-Pruski
Dr. Tudor Borza
Research Associate
Dr. Anjana Govindarajan
Research Assistant
Dr. Fangang Xia
Visiting Scholar
Hongliang Lu
MSc Student Candidate
Maria Caraza
MSc Student
Sidney Raithby
Summer Student


Our research facilities include the following:

Contact us

Contact address

Dr. Gefu Wang-Pruski
Room 151, Cox Institute
21 Cox Road
Department of Plant, Food, and Environmental Science
Faculty of Agriculture, Dalhousie University
Truro, NS, Canada
B2N 5E3

Mailing address

Dr. Gefu Wang-Pruski
PO Box 550
Department of Plant, Food, and Environmental ScienceFaculty of Agriculture, Dalhousie University
Truro, NS, Canada
B2N 5E3

Email: gefu.wang-pruski@dal.ca