Faculty of Agriculture academic departments

Situated on the scenic Agricultural Campus in Truro, Nova Scotia, where you can actively engage with impactful and growing industries that shape our world. The campus features a working farm, 1,000 acres of research fields, gardens, and greenhouses, providing hands-on learning opportunities across our departments.

Animal Science and Aquaculture

Explore the fields of animal science, aquaculture, and bioveterinary science. Our premier facilities, featuring advanced technology, a functional farm, and a top-tier aquaculture centre are unmatched in the Atlantic region.

Business and Social Sciences 

Engage in a diverse academic experience and learn about the impact of culture, politics, and literature on rural life and economy. Choose from three core tracks: Agricultural Business, Agricultural Economics, and Humanities and Social Sciences.


Combine innovative research with practical learning and access to advanced technology in our world-class bioenvironmental engineering facilities. Help improve agricultural practices, locally and globally. 

Plant, Food, and Environmental Sciences 

Study different disciplines to address real world environmental issues and gain the expertise to assess soil, air, and water quality while enjoying practical learning in outdoor classrooms, lush fields, gardens, greenhouses, and our state-of-the-art labs.

We also offer Extended Learning, which include courses from distance education to classes on campus.