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About the Faculty of Agriculture

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You'll learn to solve real-world problems in a friendly, hands-on environment from professors who are leaders in their fields of study. Learn more about Dalhousie University's Faculty of Agriculture.

Faculty and Research

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Our researchers have access to cutting-edge technology, labs and resources to innovate new technologies in support of the agri-food and aquaculture industries. Learn more about our research.


  • An early scientist
    As a young boy, growing up in a coastal city of southeast China (Fuzhou), Yangfan Zhang was never surprised when fish was served for his meals, every day. Until it wasn’t.
  • The Perfect Fit
    Agriculture today involves farming both the land and the sea and as such, aquatic veterinarians are in high demand.
  • College Royal 2021
    There were 108 smiling faces (under their masks of course) at College Royal 2021 last Friday, October 15th.
  • Blue & Gold Awards 2021
    The Blue & Gold awards were back in person on Friday, October 15th for the first time since 2019
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