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Modern agriculture at Dalhousie’s Faculty of Agriculture brings together the land and the lab, innovation and invention, students and professors. Our research is helping to innovate new technologies for environmental sustainability, rural growth, and bio-resource innovation in support of the agri-food and aquaculture industries.

We have over 400 hectares of research fields. In addition to our modern laboratories, we have a number of research facilities unique to the Atlantic region, including a 250-hectare farm, extensive pasture, field and turf grass facilities, greenhouses, an experimental orchard and a number of outlying research facilities. Every day, the work and research of our students and faculty puts better food on our tables, richer soil in the ground and greater resources at our fingertips.

Conducting more than $10 million in annual research, we work with industry, government, academic and research institutions - both nationally and internationally - to carry out innovative research in agriculture, aquaculture, the environment and related fields.

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