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  • Mapping Dalhousie's farm soil carbon status during a lockdown
    For Dr. Sidd Paul, the current lockdown conditions have meant his new postdoctoral position in Dalhousie’s Faculty of Agriculture campus has been rather unusual
  • Graduate Student Assistant Opportunity
    Graduate Student Assistantship: An Integrated Socio-economic and Biophysical Framework for Mitigating Greenhouse Gas Emissions under Agricultural Water Management Systems in Eastern Canada
  • Faculty of Agriculture researcher partners in the fight against COVID‑19
    The Atlantic Poultry Research Centre on the Dalhousie Agricultural Campus has partnered with AffinityImmuno Inc, in Prince Edward Island, one of the first laboratories to manufacture antibodies against COVID-19.
  • Raising healthy, happy animals
    Rebecca Meagher may have grown up in the suburbs, but she found her calling when she transformed her love of animals into a career dedicated to agricultural sciences.
  • An apple a day to keep breast cancer away
    ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’- we’ve all heard the age old saying encouraging us to eat plenty of fruit everyday. But one researcher at Dalhousie University Faculty of Agriculture is taking the importance of eating fruit one step further.

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