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The Department of Engineering on the Agricultural Campus is actively engaged in research aimed at improving agricultural practices on a global scale. We are the only engineering department devoted to agriculture and bio-systems in Atlantic Canada.

Our programs focus on technological innovation towards integrated and sustainable management of resources - in particular, energy, water, and waste. We stress cutting-edge research and advanced technology, providing hands-on, practical learning opportunities for every student.

Dr. Qamar Zaman

Dr. Zaman initiated the Precision Agriculture Research Program on the Agricultural Campus to develop variable-rate technologies in wild blueberries. These technologies will allow corrective agricultural practices on an as-needed basis to maximize profitability, minimize environmental impacts, and ultimately lead to a more sustainable industry. One of Dr. Zaman's projects involves using a remote-controlled helicopter to assess wild blueberry field conditions.

Dr. Alex Martynenko

Dr. Alex Martynenko is professor in Bioelectronics and Bioinstrumentation at the Dalhousie Faculty of Agriculture. Working on the border of biological science and engineering, he is developing innovative technologies for value-added food processing.

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