Genomics Unit

Our mandate

The genomics unit offers a teaching environment for students, provides basic services to laboratories on the Dalhousie Agricultural Campus and facilitates research for those working in molecular biology at Dalhousie, across the Maritimes and beyond.


The unit currently has space available to facilitate DNA and RNA extractions.  Pipettes, basic consumables and some extraction kits are also on site.

They provides DNA sequencing based on an automated Applied Biosystems 3130 DNA analyzer and an Eppendorf liquid handling robot.

In addition, we also have the following equipment for common use:

  • Roche LightCycler® 480 and BioRad iQ5 Real-Time PCR Systems
  • BioRad PCR Machines
  • Nanodrop Spectrophotometer
  • Laminar Biocontainment Hood (Level 1)
  • Incubators
  • -20 and -80 Freezer Space

Please Note:  Fees may be associated with the services provided by genomics unit. Please contact Tanya Muggeride at 902-896-2435 or via email at


Our services

Basic training in molecular biology techniques NEW!

Graduate students that have a molecular biology component to their research project are welcome to attend one of several basic training (small group) sessions held throughout the year (dates & times to follow).

The sessions will cover:

●          An introduction and orientation to a molecular biology laboratory
●          Pipettes and their tips
●          Learn proper techniques for pipetting
●          Gels, gel apparatus and electrophoresis
●          Learn how to prepare an agarose gel
●          Learn how to load a gel

All sessions will be run by Tanya Muggeridge.

Other Services available include:

●          Automated DNA/RNA extraction
●          SNP interrogation by 'Single Base Extension'
●          Genotyping on the LC480
●          Microsatellite analysis

To learn more about ARCAG or to participate in a training session please contact Tanya Muggeridge at (902) 896-2435 or email


Research projects

Contact us

To learn more about ARCAG, contact Tanya Muggeridge:
(902) 896-2435 or email