Innovative Waste Management

The research program

The Waste Management Research program, working out of the Department of Engineering on the Agricultural Campus, focuses on environmental sustainability and value-addition approaches to agricultural and non-agricultural by-products

Atlantic Canada’s agricultural and aquaculture sectors are highly diversified but face economic challenges as both world markets and government environmental policies continue to shift. Waste management research takes advantage of state-of-the-art facilities and instrumentation to evaluate the environmental impacts of agricultural wastes. Graduate and undergraduate students join a collaborative network of researchers at the Faculty of Agriculture and around the globe to tackle the challenges of managing organic wastes.

Recent research initiatives have examined

  • the impact of livestock manure storage conditions on greenhouse gas emissions;
  • the monitoring of pharmaceuticals in soils and water from land applied municipal bio-solids;
  • and the composting of agricultural and non-agricultural organic by-products.

Additional areas of emphasis include exploring value-added opportunities for organic wastes through conversion into biomass fuels; the use of composts as containment systems for oil spills; and the development of commercial bio-fertilizers for use in organic agriculture.

Lead researcher

Dr. Gordon W. Price
Assistant Professor and Innovative Waste Management Research Chair

Phone: (902) 896-2461
Fax: (902) 893-1859
Office: Cox 28