Cultivating a passion for our environment

Are you interested in solving complex global issues like food security and environmental sustainability? Graduate career-ready with Dalhousie’s specialized courses in Plant and Environmental Sciences.

Dive into contemporary issues related to environmental integrity, food production, plant breeding, sustainable crop production and more. By studying at our campus, you will gain the technical expertise to monitor and assess the state of soil, air, and water resources.

Our campus provides students with rich, on-campus learning opportunities to gain real-world experience. Graduate career-ready with learning opportunities in outdoor classrooms, fields, gardens, greenhouses and lab facilities.

We offer two-year Diploma programs in Plant Science and Managed Landscape; and undergraduate programs in Plant Science, Environmental Sciences, and Landscape Architecture with certificates in Food Biosciences, Integrated Pest Management, Sustainable Soil Management and Organic Agriculture.

Graduate studies

Once you’ve completed your undergraduate degree, you can expand your education with one of our graduate programs. There’s plenty to choose from, including sustainable food production, bioactive compounds and nutrition, plant physiology, breeding and genomics, environmental sciences, disease and pest control, waste management and soil nutrient management. 

 Learn more about graduate studies.