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Graduate Studies

MSc in Agriculture

The MSc program with a specialization in Agriculture is designed to provide a foundation for studies at the doctoral level and for professional careers in research and development, teaching, industry and extension.


Candidates must satisfy the general requirements for admission to the Faculty of Graduate Studies. All inquiries for admission should be addressed to: gradadmissions.agr@dal.ca

Supplementary Application documents should be sent directly to:

Graduate Studies Office
Faculty of Agriculture, Dalhousie University
62 Cumming Drive
Truro, Nova Scotia
Canada, B2N 5E3

The Program

As the program is research centred, all students must complete a research thesis embodying original contribution in the thesis field of study. The thesis is defended at an oral examination.

Students are required to take a minimum of four (4) graduate courses (0.5 credit hours each). The graduate class AGRI 5700.03 Communication Skills and Graduate Seminar is a required class. The remaining three (3) courses are selected by the student in consultation with his or her supervisor.

In addition, students must be admitted to candidacy within the first four to six months of their program, must do a teaching assistantship in at least one undergraduate class in order to gain knowledge and experience in classroom instruction and must present at one Graduate Research Day.

Tuition and Fees

Canadian Tuition and Fees
The annual tuition, athletic, and other incidental fees for 2017-2018 is $10,419.74 (1st year) and $3,936 (2nd year) for full-time MSc. students. Tuition and other fees are updated yearly.

International Tuition and Fees
A differential fee of $6,381 ($2,127/term) (2017-2018) is required of all new full-time international students.  Normally, international MSc students pay differential fees for two years.

Health and Dental Coverage
DSU Health and Dental Plan – This is mandatory to all Dalhousie students (Canadian and International) who do not have an alternative medical/dental plan.

DSU International Health Plan
The International Student Health Plan is also mandatory if you do not hold an MSI card or have health coverage from their home country.

Classes & Modules


Graduate classes are intended only for students registered in the MSc program and may be taken by undergraduate students only under exceptional circumstances, where they meet normal MSc admission requirements.

Not all classes are offered every year. Please check the current timetable to see whether a particular class is being offered.

See the Graduate Calendar for current course listings.


Module Courses normally consists of three modules. Each module consists of one month of lectures or assignments dealing with a topic in the lecturer’s area of expertise. Research interests of incoming students are taken into account each year when module topics are solicited. Students should not apply to take a module unless they have at least a second-year undergraduate background in the focus area.

See Modules for a current listing of available modules.