Graduate Studies

The Faculty of Agriculture offers two graduate programs, a MSc in Agriculture and a Phd in Agricultural Sciences. To find out more about these graduate programs link to:

Graduate Program FAQ 

Our Graduate Program FAQ page has answers to many of the questions new Applicants and Current Graduate Students may have. For further information regarding the Graduate Program in the Faculty of Agriculture please refer to the Graduate Program FAQ.

Graduate Program Admission 

The Faculty of Agriculture graduate programs follow regulations as set by Dalhousie University’s Faculty of Graduate Studies (FGS). Graduate students in the Faculty of Agriculture should carefully review the FGS Regulations page for detailed guidance related to admissions, registration, degree requirements, examinations, thesis regulations, and all other aspects of their program.

The Faculty of Graduate Studies at Dalhousie University administers ALL student applications. Click here to learn How to apply to Graduate Studies

Link here for information on General Admission Requirements and for general Program and Admissions Information. Please read below for the specific requirements for the Faculty of Agriculture  (see additional documentation requirements below). 

In addition to the Graduate Studies Application submitted to Dalhousie University, each applicant must also submit the following additional documentation for review (incomplete packages will not be reviewed):

  1. Confirmation of Supervision [Required]**
  2. An up-to-date Curriculum Vitae (CV) [Required]
  3. A Letter of Research Interest [Required]
  4. Abstract of Honours/Undergraduate Research Project (MSc applicants), or Abstract of MSc Thesis (PhD applicants) [Required]
  5. Abstracts for any additional published research papers [Optional]

**Graduate supervision by a faculty member in the Faculty of Agriculture is a primary requirement for submitted graduate applications to be reviewed. Please consult Departmental Staff Directories for the individual contact information of faculty members in the Faculty of Agriculture.

Required documents can be sent as a hard copy using the address below:

Graduate Studies Office
Faculty of Agriculture, Dalhousie University
62 Cumming Drive
Truro, Nova Scotia
Canada, B2N 5E3


by email to:

All other information regarding Graduate Admissions, Graduate Studies Regulations can be found directly through the Faculty of Graduate