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Financial Support

Entrance Scholarships

The Faculty of Agriculture offers scholarships to applicants approved (or conditionally approved) for admission to the MSc program.

  1. Graduate Research Training Initiative (GRTI)
    This scholarship is open to Canadian citizens and permanent residents.  The scholarship is provided to high caliber students registered in the M.Sc. Agriculture program at the Faculty of Agriculture,  who are conducting research that will benefit the Nova Scotia’s agriculture and agri-food industry.

    Applications should be submitted in hard copy to the Graduate Studies Office, Cumming Hall by the following dates.  Applications must follow the process laid out in  the document “Graduate Research Training Initiative:  Canada-Nova Scotia Implementation Agreement for the Growing Forward 2 Program.”
    Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.

    Applicants planning to begin the M.Sc. Agriculture in May or September, 2016.  Application deadline is Wednesday, June 1, 2016.

  2. Canadian Dairy Commission Scholarship Program
    (application deadline 4PM, June 15, 2015)
    Application form and all supporting documentation as outlines in the Application Instructions are required.

    Program Description [PDF- 30Kb]
    Application Requirements [PDF - 15Kb]
    Application Form [DOCx - 40Kb]

  3. Class of 1956 Graduate Scholarship
    (application deadline 4 pm, June 1, 2015)

    Application Requirements - [PDF - 100KB]
    Application Form - [PDF - 74KB]

    One $5,000 scholarship will be awarded annually.  The scholarship will be awarded to a student enrolled in graduate studies at the Dalhousie Faculty of Agriculture;  a student being supervised by a Faculty member at the Dalhousie Faculty of Agriculture but registered in Ph.D. studies at another university or a post-doctoral candidate conducting research in one of the following areas of study: Agricultural Economics and Policy, Social Sciences, Engineering, or Environmental Sciences. Recipients are eligible to re-apply.

  4. Entrance Scholarships
    The Faculty of Agriculture offers five entrance scholarships of $5,000 per year to applicants approved (or conditionally approved) for admission to the MSc program.  All entrance-level Canadian and International students are automatically considered for an entrance scholarship. No application required. Recipients of this award must register as a full-time student in the M.Sc. program.

  5. International Graduate Student Scholarship
    Non-Canadian students are required to pay an additional differential fee on top of regular tuition fees. The Faculty of Agriculture awards five scholarships equivalent to the differential fee to international students admitted to the MSc program. These are available to students in their first year of the program only. No application is required.

  6. Robert P. Longley Graduate Scholarships
    Two $6,500 scholarships will be awarded to Nova Scotia students entering the MSc program at the Faculty of Agriculture on a full-time basis. The scholarships will be awarded on the basis of academic performance (cumulative GPA from undergraduate degree). Recipients of Graduate Entrance Scholarships will not be eligible. Students on employment leave with salary continuation are not eligible.  No application required.

  7. Chartwells Graduate Scholarship
    Student must be entering the M.Sc Agriculture program on a full-time basis. Entrace scholarship recipients or students on employment leave with salary continuation are not eligible.
    No application required.

  8. Nova Scotia Graduate Scholarships
    This scholarship is available for new students only, who have a 3.7 average or above, and who will be carrying out research in the government’s research priority areas.  A potential supervisor should work with the interested student to develop the application form.  This includes the section on Justification, which must align with the Nova Scotia priority sectors.
    Students must have applied for admission by the deadline date(s) below.

    Students must be nominated by the Faculty of Agriculture.  DO NOT send application directly to the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

    Internal Deadlines for students applying for the M.Sc. Agriculture

    The scholarship application form and the student’s application to the M.Sc. Agriculture (including post secondary transcripts) must be received in the Faculty of Agriculture Graduate Studies Office by:

    Monday, November 23 @ 9:00 am:  for students who wish to begin their program in May 2016 or September 2016.

    Monday, February 8 @ 9:00 am:  for students who wish to begin their program in September 2016 or January 2017.

    The forms and guidelines for the Nova Scotia Graduate Scholarships are now available at:  http://www.dal.ca/faculty/gradstudies/funding/scholarships/nsgrad.html

Research Assistantship

Financial support may be available to graduate students in the form of a research assistantship stipend which is offered by supervisors and is payable from their research grants or contracts. All applications are circulated automatically in an attempt to find funding support for each graduate student's program.

In Course Scholarships

These scholarships are applied for by completing the Faculty of Agriculture In-course Award Application through Dal Online in September of each year.

Information on available scholarships will be provided by September 2015.


Students applying for the M.Sc. Agriculture may be eligible for scholarships listed by the Faculty of Graduate Studies. See
http://www.dal.ca/faculty/gradstudies/funding.html for information.