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Harmonized Scholarship Process

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The Harmonized Scholarship Competition is now closed for general submissions

The Harmonized Scholarship Competition for major FGS-managed scholarships beginning between May 2024 and January 2025 is now closed.
The details for course-based/non-thesis applications can be found directly below and new applicants should reach out to their intended program of study to inuqire about departmental funding opportunities.

Apply for several scholarships at once

The Harmonized Scholarship Process allows for incoming and current students to apply for several Faculty of Graduate Studies-managed scholarships using a single online application, the complete list of which can be found on our funding application process page.

If you are a new applicant, you are not required to be accepted into a Dalhousie graduate program to apply for these scholarships. However, you must have applied to the program before you will be able to accept a scholarship offer, and offers are conditional upon your eventual acceptance into the program. If you are a Dalhousie master’s student expecting to transfer or fast-track to a doctoral program in January or May of the current academic year, or in September or January of the next academic year, you are encouraged to apply for doctoral-level awards. Scholarships awarded through the Harmonized Scholarship Process are not transferrable between institutions.

General submission deadline: January 16, 2024 at 4 p.m. (AT).

Please note that all application materials including transcripts and reference letters must be submitted by this deadline. Incomplete applications will be disqualified.

Prior to the deadline, you can withdraw, edit and resubmit your saved application in the online portal. No edits or resubmissions are possible after the deadline.

Virtual information session

In November 2021, the Faculty of Graduate Studies held a virtual information session on the Harmonized Scholarship Process. A recording of the session is available to be watched below. Download the PowerPoint slides [PDF - 1.4 MB] that accompanied the session.

Completing your application

The scholarship application submission process is described in the steps below. It is important to note that the scholarship application and the admission application are two separate processes. Each has its own individual online portal, eligibility and review criteria and document submission requirements.  

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Log into the FGS Scholarship Management Platform. If you already have a Dalhousie NetID, please select “Use Dalhousie NetID” to log in. If not, please enter an email address and create a password. It is only necessary to create one account, even if you intend to apply for multiple opportunities.

  2. Create a new scholarship application or edit an existing one by selecting from the “My Applications” list on your homepage. Only one application per competition will be accepted by each applicant, please do not submit multiple Harmonized Scholarship Applications.

  3. Master’s applicants who have applied for the Tri-Agency Canadian Graduate Student–Master’s (CGS-M) scholarship competition may choose to use their CGS-M application within the Harmonized Scholarship Process. To do so, please select “Entrance Masters, Thesis Based, CGS-M Opt-In (All HSP-Masters Awards)” as the submission category and proceed through the application. The Faculty of Graduate Studies will link your CGS-M application to your opt-in form, including reference letters and transcripts submitted for the CGS-M competition. The deadline to opt-in is December 1, which coincides with the CGS-M application deadline set by Tri-agency. If you do not opt-In with your CGS-M application, you must complete a full Harmonized Scholarship Application to be considered for other awards. 

  4. You are encouraged to complete the self-identification questionnaire found in the online scholarship platform. This allows administrators to ensure your application is sorted into the review process for award opportunities with specific eligibility criteria, including those dedicated to improving access for underrepresented communities. Information provided in this questionnaire is not visible to reviewers and will remain strictly confidential.

  5. Click “Save and Next” at the bottom of each page to move through the application. Clicking “Save” will allow you to close the application and return to it later to edit or update it.  

  6. You must upload official transcripts directly in the scholarship portal as referenced in the instructions found in the application. Transcripts from multiple institutions must be combined into a single PDF before uploading. Unofficial grade reports for current Dalhousie Students may be used in lieu of official transcripts for the Harmonized Scholarship Process.

  7. All reference assessments must be submitted to the portal before the application deadline. The application portal will close to applicants and referees after this date and incomplete applications will be disqualified. Reference letters will not be accepted by email or in hard copy. It is recommended that applicants request their referees submit their references several days to one week prior to the deadline, in case of unforeseen issues. Applicants will receive an email notification from the portal and a "received" notification will appear in red by each referee's name once the reference has been completed. Please confirm that the correct email address has been entered for each reference and check the status of your references frequently prior to the deadline

  8. Agree to terms and conditions and click “Save and Finalize” to complete and submit the application.  

  9. You may withdraw your application to make changes up until the deadline, including updating your transcripts with fall grades or making edits based on feedback received from your department. If you withdraw your application, it must be resubmitted by the deadline to be considered.