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About Halifax and the province of Nova Scotia

The Halifax waterfront at sunset, with a view of the cloudy sky and the boardwalk.

The ultimate laboratory for life and learning

Halifax and Nova Scotia are more than Dalhousie’s home city and province — they’re an extension of the university. They offer an inspiring connection to nature and urban opportunities that will complement your university experience and benefit your career.

As one of Canada’s fastest-growing cities, Halifax is a destination for global immigration and Nova Scotia's multicultural centre. Home to almost 450,000 people, the city is a welcoming community in which to study, learn and live.

The Halifax Waterfront with a view of the harbour, the ferry, and the waterfront building skyline in the background.

Your new hometown

Home to three of Dalhousie’s four campuses, Halifax, on Canada’s East Coast, is one of the country’s most desirable cities. It’s large enough to offer sophisticated urban amenities, professional sports teams, and a thriving culinary scene, but small enough that you’ll bump into your classmates and professors around town.

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Peggy's Cove, a white lighthouse with a red top is seen near sunrise from the perspective of grey rocks in the foreground.

A picturesque province

Known as Canada’s ocean playground, no matter where you are in Nova Scotia, you're never far from the water. You’ll be able to go from the classroom to breathtaking beaches and coastlines in under 30 minutes. From charming fishing villages and farmers' markets to the rugged expanses of the Cape Breton highlands, you’ll have a whole new world to explore.

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Two students, in an open field with long grass next to a metal-frame open vehicle.

A campus in the country

Dalhousie’s Agricultural Campus in Truro includes a working farm where graduate students research the latest innovations in agricultural technology.  Set in the historic town of Truro, students have access to a vibrant downtown with a range of activities, shops and experiences.

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Six people are seen sitting at desks with their laptops open in a high ceilinged well-lit room with a view of lush green trees.

Build your future

Halifax is home to one of the largest concentrations of universities and the best-educated workforces in North America. It features thriving tech and entrepreneurial communities, as well as strong financial and ocean sectors where graduate students find opportunities to gain industry experience. Cosmopolitan and comfortable, the city also offers an affordable cost of living, with housing options that cost considerably less than those in Canada’s other major cities. It’s a place where you can build a life, have a home and find happiness. 

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