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Donald Hill Family Postdoctoral Fellowship

An orange building, the Wallace McCain Learning Commons on a bright sunny day, with grass, trees, and bike racks in front.

Scholarship at a glance

Value: $65,000 annually for up to three years, inclusive of benefits

Deadline: Contingent on vacancy


Dr. Donald Hill, a Dalhousie alumnus with a distinguished career in business, medicine and research, created three prestigious postdoctoral fellowships in 2018 in the areas of Medicine, Computer Science (in collaboration with Engineering) and Arts and Social Sciences. These fellowships have been created to accelerate the careers of recent doctoral graduates engaged in leading-edge research who have also demonstrated an interest in the impact of technology on broader society.

While the primary focus of the postdoctoral fellowships is advancement within each individual field of Medicine, Computer Science and Humanities/Social Sciences, there is an expectation that fellows will become engaged and appreciate the necessity and benefits of interfacing with a wide diversity of disciplines, knowledge, and cultures to recognize and solve emerging challenges. The intent is not to develop answers, but to become skilled at framing the entire scope of these challenges and exploring/inventing different vehicles and methodologies to seek comprehensive solutions.

Eligibility criteria

  • You must have recently completed your PhD within the last three years or will complete your doctoral studies before the start of the fellowship.
  • Must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.
  • Your research area must be in either Medicine, Computer Science or Arts and Social Sciences.

Application overview

As positions become available in any of the three applicable faculties (Medicine, Computer Science or Arts and Social Sciences), they will be advertised, in cooperation with that faculty, through Dalhousie’s employment opportunities website