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Joint doctoral program

A view of the Henry Hicks clocktower is seen taken from the Killam library courtyard.

Best of both worlds

Dalhousie's joint doctoral program (JDP) enables PhD student exchange through jointly supervised and awarded degrees. After establishing an agreement between universities, doctoral students complete the requirements of the PhD program at both the home and partner universities and conduct their dissertation research collaboratively, sequentially, and for roughly equal amounts of time at both universities.

Joint recognition

Students completing a joint doctoral program graduate with a single PhD degree from both the home and partner institutions. The student receives a parchment from each university, with each parchment carrying a notation to the effect that the degree was obtained through a JDP with the partner explicitly noted.

Get your application started

The following policies and documents provide an overview of the requirements to establish and operate a joint PhD between an existing Dalhousie doctoral program and a partner university.