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Innovative programs and research

A scientist in a white lab coat and purple gloves holding up a Petri dish, examining blue specks on the dish.

Empowered to make a difference

Dalhousie offers more than 130 master’s and PhD programs. Whether you choose a research-based degree that accelerates knowledge or a professional program to build your job-ready skills, you’ll be set on a path to make a difference in your life, career and world.

Research with impact

From agriculture to engineering, food security to sociology, clean tech to community health, Dalhousie graduate students are advancing knowledge and having an impact.  

Two people with long dark hair are observing a small machine on a tabletop.

Students are building the next generation of lithium batteries in a partnership with Tesla.   

A student wearing glasses, with long blonde hair in a white labcoat in a large warehouse with large green tanks.

Students are riding Dalhousie’s wave as a global centre for ocean research.

4 people, sitting in pairs, with pens and paper. The pair in the foreground is sitting across from a fifth person, in conversation.

Students are expanding their understanding of the world and addressing global challenges with the arts and social sciences.

A student with long black hair tied up, wearing a white lab coat is examining a clear container filled with yellow fluid.

Students are advancing medical and health research in areas like genomics, brain health, bioinformatics and vaccinology.  

Two students, one with long hair and one with short hair sitting at a computer with two monitors displaying lots of text and numbers.

Students are leading the charge into the digital frontier by studying big data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning.    

Drive your career

Dalhousie’s professional master’s programs equip students to take charge of their careers with experiential learning and industry experience, making Dal a launch pad for career success — no matter what undergrad degree you start with. 

A student with short black textured hair is seen smiling while using a tablet. The student is wearing a red shirt.

Computer Science and Engineering programs focused on technical skills in high-growth areas such as digital innovation and data management.

One person without hair is seen observing papers, holding a red marker. Next to them is a person with long brown hair, observing.

Management programs that launch careers in business and public administration with impactful work experiences.

5 people sitting at a desk, and a sixth person across from them, leaning against the desk, and smiling while looking at them.

Architecture and Planning programs that offer co-op placements with hundreds of employers locally, nationally and around the world.

A nurse with long brown hair in black scrubs and a gold name tag is seen preparing a syringe with liquid from a vial.

Health programs that provide clinical experience and prepare students for administrative roles.