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Postdoctoral researchers

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The Faculty of Graduate Studies (FGS) is not currently offering walk-in service, with in-person support offered by appointment only. 

For the fastest response, we encourage students and academic faculty/staff to first contact or call 902-494-2485 with any requests, or to schedule an appointment with a staff member who can help. Our operating hours remain 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. from Monday to Friday. 

If you have documents to drop off to us, such as official transcripts, please insert them in the FGS mail slot at room 314 in the Henry Hicks building, following up with an email to for confirmation of receipt.

Take the next step

As a Dalhousie postdoctoral researcher, you will refine your professional skills, enrich your research and transition to being a scholar in your own right. You’ll work alongside exceptional colleagues and professors in Dalhousie’s collegial environment to develop your research, administrative and leadership skills.

Two kinds of postdoctoral researchers

Postdoctoral researcher employees

As a postdoctoral research employee, you will be employed by Dalhousie, hired by a faculty member with research grant money, and represented by the Public Service Alliance of Canada union. You can learn more about the status of postdoctoral employees through their collective agreement [PDF-1.32mb]


Postdoctoral research scholars

As a postdoctoral research scholar, you will be the recipient of external funding through fellowships managed by Dalhousie, including the Killam, Banting and Donald Hill Family postdoctoral fellowships, and others available through outside funding agencies.


If you’ve completed all requirements of your PhD within the last six years — courses, thesis, defence, and final submission of thesis copies to the university — you’re eligible to pursue a postdoctoral program at Dalhousie. This includes students who are waiting to graduate. 

If you’re an MD, you can also apply for a fellowship, provided you obtained your MD no more than 10 years before you apply.

Securing a fellowship

  1. Find your focus
    Read about Dalhousie’s research environment and review the list of institutes and centres you would like to consider working with. 
  2. Find a faculty member
    Find information about professors and their contact information on department websites.
  3. Identify your research project and funding sources
    Work with your faculty member to identify finding sources and determine the focus of your research and the terms of your working relationship.
  4. Finalize the agreement
    Complete your postdoctoral appointment with your supervisors and Dalhousie’s human resources department.