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Halifax (Studley Campus)

International Centre
LeMarchant Place, Suite 1200
1246 LeMarchant Street
Phone: 902-494-1566

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8:30am - 4:30 pm 

We welcome you to use the centre during office hours to study, use the kitchen, play our piano or play a board game!

Drop-In Advising (Peer Supporter):

Monday 10:30am-2pm
Tuesday 12pm-4pm
Wednesday 10:30am-2:30pm
Friday 1-4:30pm

Halifax (Sexton Campus)

Student Services @ Sexton

B Building, rm. A108
1360 Barrington Street

Office Hours: 

Tuesday 1pm-4pm
Wednesday 9-11:30am


International Student Support
Student Success Centre
Dairy Building
11 Sipu Awti 
Phone: 001+ (902) 893-6905
Fax: 001+ (902) 893-6545

Monday 8:30am-4:30 pm
Tuesday 8:30am-4:30pm
Wednesday  10am-4:30pm
Thursday 8:30am-4:30 pm
Friday 8:30am-4:30 pm

Book the International Centre Studley Campus Space

Step 1: Request a Building Attendant

If you are not a Dalhousie University staff or faculty member, you will need to pay a fee to Security Services to ensure that there is a Building Attendant during your event.  The cost is $56.80 CAD for a 4 hour minimum.

To pay the fee you must submit a request to Conference Services.  When you submit the request be sure to indicate that your event will require Security Services.

Step 2: Contact the International Centre

Email to request the space. 

In the email please include:

-           Date and time of event

-           If you are affiliated with a clue or society

-           What you will be using the space for

Please make sure to reach out at least one week in advanced.

Step 3: Complete an International Centre Space Orientation

If your request has been accepted, the Program and Project Coordinator of the International Centre will set up a time to meet with you to complete an Orientation.

You will need to bring proof of your Building Attendant payment to the Orientation.

During the Orientation you will learn where to find first aid in case of emergency, and how to access other resources you may need.

You do not need to do an Orientation every time you book, but you will need to do an Orientation the first time you book.


Live Chat Advising is closed from May 1, 2018 to September 30, 2018

About Live Chat

Live Chat is an Internet chat-based advising service provided by the International Centre. This program was initiated to increase accessibility and availability of International Centre services to the community of Dalhousie University. Live Chat is a trial program (pilot program) and service hours will vary depending on usage.

  • Anyone from Dalhousie University can use this service, however it is aimed primarily at international students and Dal students interested in doing an exchange or study abroad.

  • Live chat is designed to respond to brief questions that can be answered quickly and effectively using online resources.

  • Do not send sensitive personal information, log-ins, passwords, etc., through this IM service, as it uses commercial IM products not housed on Dalhousie University servers.

  • Technical difficulties: please email


How to use Live Chat

  • Type a question into the bottom box of the widget where it says “Type here to chat”

  • Press "enter" and your question will appear in the top chat box

  • In a few moments, a response from an International Student Advisor will appear.

  • Chat with an advisor by typing your responses in the bottom box and pressing "enter" like you did the first time.

  • Send files: You can send files by clicking on the yellow folder with green arrow icon (left icon) then browse for the file you would like to send and press "send."

  • Receive files: You can receive files from the advisor you are chatting with. Click on the link the advisor sends you in order to receive and download the file.

  • Email transcript:  You can email the transcript to yourself by clicking on the envelope icon (middle icon) above the box where you type.

  • Pop outs: You can pop the live chat box out into its own small window on your desktop so you can work as you chat. To do this, click on the green arrow pop out arrow (right icon) in the widget. (Please ensure pop-ups are enabled on your computer so the service may be launched).

Privacy Policy

Dalhousie International Centre takes student privacy and confidentiality very seriously and will never disclose your personal information or requests to any external person, body, or institution. Transcripts of chat transactions may be archived and will only be used for aggregate statistical data for quality assurance purposes before they are destroyed. This aggregate data may be used in research about this reference service. That said, this services uses commercial IM products not housed on Dalhousie servers so do not send sensitive personal information, log-ins, passwords, etc.

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