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Meet our team

International Centre Reception

Karen Walsh
Administrative Assistant  


Everyone loves Karen!

Karen can be reached at: Karen.Walsh@Dal.Ca

International Student Support Team


Teresa Inacio

Acting Director and International Student Advisor

Teresa has worked at the International Centre in various capacities supporting international and exchange students. She is originally from Portugal and immigrated with her family to Ontario when she was young. Teresa currently serves as not only an international student advisor but as the Acting Director of the centre. She continues to develop and implement programs that support a positive international student experience. Teresa received her BA from Dalhousie University and in May 2012 graduated from Mount Saint Vincent University with a Master of Education degree. She is a “foodie” at heart and enjoys discovering new and interesting restaurants across Nova Scotia.

Teresa can be reached at: Teresa.Inacio@dal.ca.

Qiuling Wu International Student Advisor

Qiuling graduated from the University of Alberta in 2001 with a Master of Education degree in Educational Policy Studies. He has over 12 years of professional experience in Canada in the fields of international education, teacher certification, international qualifications assessment and recognition as well as international admissions, recruitment and advising. Qiuling has two children and enjoys spending time with them after work.

Qiuling can be reached at: qiuling.wu@dal.ca.

Mark Mason International Student Co-ordinator (Agricultural Campus)

Mark first worked with international students while teaching overseas. After ten years abroad he returned to Canada to work in adult education programming and completed his Master of Adult Education before returning to his passion for working with international students. With almost 25 years of combined experience in education, leadership and intercultural training among other areas he continues to support students in their daily balance of academics and real life challenges. His passion for travel helps to remind him of the challenges students meet when coming to Canada.  

Mark can be reached at: markmason@dal.ca.

Lisa White, PhD, R. Psych.

Personal Counsellor with Special Responsibilities to International Students

Lisa trained and worked as a counsellor/therapist in a variety of settings, primarily with international and otherwise non-dominant populations.  Lisa and her colleagues in Counselling and Psychological Services understand that being an international student can be stressful at times, and they are here to help students who are experiencing a wide range of difficulties, such as transition stress, difficulties with sleep, anxiety, and depressed mood.

If you are an international student who is experiencing difficulties that interfere with your academic functioning and/or enjoyment of life more generally,

Call Counselling Services at 902-494-4081 to make an intake appointment with one of our counsellors.

Please note: wait times for individual personal, career, and learning skills counselling vary. If you are waiting to see a counsellor, please consider making use of our:

Kewoba Carter International Student Advisor

A former international student herself, Kewoba graduated from Dalhousie University in 2011 with a Bachelor of Arts Combined Honours in International Development Studies and English.  In addition to advising she is also the Orientation Program Co-ordinator. 

Kewoba enjoys learning about other cultures through food, music and dance.  She is involved with different international student societies around campus and is incredibly passionate about football (soccer), tennis and cricket. 

Kewoba can be reached at: kewoba.carter@dal.ca.

Jackie Dowling

Project and Program Coordinator  

Jackie can be reached at: jackie.dowling@dal.ca

Student Staff

Bronwen Rowe
Student Peer Advisor

Bronwen is a  student at Dalhousie in the Ocean Science program. She was born in Ottawa but spent most of her childhood in Houston, Texas. Growing up, Bronwen heard stories and saw photos of all the places her Dad visited (90+ countries and counting!). This has given her an interest in traveling and she hopes to one day get a job that allows her to see the world. When not working or studying, Bronwen enjoys running and going to the gym, watching football or hockey, experimenting in the kitchen and cuddling with her cat Tucker!

Chloe Doras                 Student Volunteer Co-ordinator

Chloe is a second year International Development Student. She was born and raised in the beautiful twin island federation of St. Kitts & Nevis. Before coming to Canada she graduated from the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College, earning her Associate Degree in Environmental Science.

Chloe has always been interested in world events and enjoys learning about different cultures. She credits living on a small island for her desires to travel and see what the world has to offer. She would like to put her education to use by helping others and learning how to be a productive global citizen. She enjoys having time to herself to relax and unwind, and she completely adores cats.

Chloe can be reached at: icvolunteer@dal.ca


Meet our Go Global Study Abroad & Exchange (Inbound) team!

Gillian MacDonald

Study Abroad & Exchange Advisor (Inbound)

Gillian's best piece of advice for incoming exchange students? Take the leap! The world is a beautiful place to explore and Nova Scotia is one of the rare gems waiting to be discovered. 

Gillian grew up in Nova Scotia, but has travelled the globe and lived in many special places. It was leaving the province to go explore the world that has helped her to realize just how truly special Nova Scotia is and she is happy to be living in the area again after many years away from home. 

She has a passion for group facilitation and activities, meaningful and heartfelt discussions over coffee, and loves sharing all that the city of Halifax has to offer. Playing games, gardening, book club and movies, as well as drinking cappuccinos on Monday morning and baking the perfect cookie are some of the things that put a smile on her face. 

Gillian can be reached at: gillian.macdonald@dal.ca

Mikaila Kelly

Study Abroad and Exchange Assistant (Inbound)

Mikaila is a 4th year Dalhousie student, studying Philosophy and Political Science looking to get into Law school one day. She recently returned from a semester abroad in New Zealand and left a piece of her heart behind. Other than travel, she loves connecting with people. She is also a coffee addict, a wanna-be yogi, and lover of all things outdoors!

Mikaila can be reached at inboundexchange@dal.ca  

Meet our Go Global Study Abroad & Exchange (Outbound) team!

Amy Braye

Study Abroad and Exchange Advisor


Amy has a BA from UVIC, an MA from UofT and now compeleted her MPA at Dalhousie. Her career has focused on student services, student advocacy and advising students.

Amy grew up as a nomad Canadian, living in Canada and Europe, with the longest stretch being in Germany. She can’t say she is “from” anywhere! She enjoys anything to do with the outdoors and since her role as exchange advisor introduces her to exciting new experiences every day, her list of things to do and places to see continues to grow.

Amy is grateful for the opportunity to play a part in the life changing experiences that students undertake by incorporating an international experience into their degrees.

Amy can be reached at: amy.braye@dal.ca.