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Find your supervisor

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Do you need a supervisor?

If you are planning to apply for a thesis-based master’s or PhD program, you may need to identify a supervisor to oversee your studies before you begin the application process. Some faculties will pair you with a thesis-supervisor after you are accepted, and course-based programs don’t require a supervisor at all. 

To find out if it’s necessary to secure a supervisor, please check with the faculty,  department, or school that offers your program. 

Identifying a supervisor 

  1. Visit the website of the faculty, department, or school that offers your program to discover current faculty members who share your research interests.  
  2. Once you’ve found one or two potential supervisors, read a few of their publications to learn more about their area of study and to determine if they have the right expertise for the project or subject area you plan to focus your thesis work on. 
  3. If your prospective supervisor looks like a good fit for your research interest, send them a clear and concise email explaining that you are planning to apply for a program in their faculty or department and are looking for a supervisor.  Feel free to include your research interests as well as unofficial transcripts and a CV.

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