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African Nova Scotian Graduate Scholarship

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Scholarship at a glance

Value: $15,000 per year for up to two years
Scholarship type: Entrance or in-program
Degree level: All master's or doctoral
Available to: Canadian students identifying as African Nova Scotian
Renewable: Yes


Dalhousie University offers graduate scholarships valued at $15,000 per year, awarded annually to an African Nova Scotian who has either recently started or is planning to pursue graduate studies at Dalhousie. The objective of these scholarships is to reduce systematic barriers and increase representation of African Nova Scotians in the university's wide diversity of graduate programs and in advanced professional occupations. The graduate program may be at the master's or doctoral level, and may include professional, course-based or thesis-based programs.

Successful applicants will be encouraged to connect with a mentor from Dalhousie’s African Nova Scotian faculty, and to get engaged with peer mentorship programs within the University.

The scholarship may be held for a maximum of two years of full-time studies.  For students who are in-program at the time of application, the award will begin in May following the competition. In-progress master's students may only hold the award up until the end of their second full-time year in program. Eligible in-progress doctoral students can typically hold the award for the full two-year duration. Part-time students may hold the award at 50% value until the original eligible award amount is reached.

The scholarship is renewed annually subject to good academic standing and completion of annual progress reports in Dal Online (thesis students only).

Eligibility criteria

African Nova Scotians (who also self-identify as Indigenous Black, Africadian, Afri-Scotian or Scotian) who are descendants of free and enslaved Black Loyalists, Black Refugees, Maroons and other Black people who were settled across 52 indigenous (original) land-based Black communities are eligible to apply. Applicants must self-identify as African Nova Scotian and provide their consent for Dalhousie to use this information in determining eligibility.

In addition to lineage, indicators of connection may include, but are not limited to, any or all of the following:

  • Being born in Nova Scotia;

  • Being raised in Nova Scotia;

  • Residing in an Indigenous Black community;

  • Having family members who reside in one or more of the communities;

  • Having been raised in the culture of the historical Black churches of Nova Scotia;

  • Attending African Nova Scotian community events;

  • Participating in organizations or other activities connected to one or other of the African Nova Scotian communities;

  • Self-identifying as Indigenous Black/African Nova Scotian

Self-identifying applicants will be asked to describe their connection to the African Nova Scotian community and how they meet the definition provided above.  You will also be asked to provide the name and contact information of a reference within the community who is familiar with your contributions and connections.

You must either intend to begin your graduate studies at Dalhousie between May and the following January, or must have started your degree no earlier than the previous May (i.e. less than eight months in program as of December 31st of the current year).

This award may be held by full-time or part-time students.  Part-time students will receive the award at 50% of its value for an extended duration until the original eligible award amount is reached.

Applications will be considered by a special scholarship committee constituted by the Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies. This committee will typically include member(s) of the Dalhousie African Nova Scotian Advisory Council and Black Student Advising, the Director of African Nova Scotian Engagement, and when possible, faculty and/or students from the African Nova Scotian community.

While there are no GPA minimums required to apply, decisions of the committee will consider academic merit, community connection and potential impact of support when selecting successful applicant(s).

Award and renewal decisions are final and cannot be appealed.

Application overview

Applications are received through the Harmonized Scholarship Process. You must self-identify as African Canadian – African Nova Scotian and provide your consent for Dalhousie to use your self-identification information for the purpose of determining your eligibility for the award.