Undergraduate programs

  • Bachelor of Science (Agriculture) in Environmental Sciences
    The Environmental Sciences program will give you the knowledge to understand and solve real-world problems related to environmental chemistry and biology, soil and water quality, waste management, climate and environmental economics. 

    With a specialization in:

      - Environmental Biology
      - Environmental Chemistry
      - Environmental Economics
      - Environmental Soil Science
      - Pest Management and Waste Management

  • Bachelor of Landscape Architecture
    This program gives students the tools to design functional, sustainable and aesthetically pleasing public spaces and contribute to environmental and human health.


  • Diploma in Landscape Horticulture
    This two-year diploma program gives you hands-on experience for an exciting and fulfilling career in landscape horticulture.

  • Plant Science (Diploma)
    Our two-year Plant Science Technology program is unique as it allows you to concentrate in the areas of your specific interests.


  • Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Food Bioscience
    The Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Food Bioscience will train you to become an expert in the areas of food science, nutraceutical sciences and research methods, and will equip you to contribute to sustainable regional and global agri-food systems, human and animal health.
  • Certificate in Integrated Pest Management 
    The Certificate in Integrated Pest Management explores the importance of managing many different kinds of pests – insects, weeds, and pathogens - that affect our natural and agricultural ecosystems.
  • Certificate in Sustainable Soil Management
    This certificate will focus on sustainable soil management - from understanding the fundamental properties and characteristics of soil systems to understanding how soil management impacts food and energy production, water quality, waste management, climate change and biodiversity.

Graduate programs

  • Master of Science
    Will you concentrate your graduate studies and research in one of the disciplines offered under Bioresource & Environmental Sciences, Animal Science or Plant Science? Or will you pursue inter-departmental research? Learn more about your graduate studies options within the Faculty of Agriculture.

Other programs in agriculture