Study at the Faculty of Agriculture in Truro

Located one hour from Halifax in Truro, NS, Dalhousie's Agricultural Campus is a great place to study, work and live.

Top 5 reasons to do a Diploma in Plant Science at Dalhousie:

  1. Short track to the job market: After only two years of study, you’ll have a diploma and the knowledge you need to begin a career in a plant science industry.
  2. Facilities: Greenhouses, a tissue culture lab, various types of garden, and a plant products food lab—all offer opportunities to enhance your in-class learning.
  3. Entrepreneurial approach: The program stresses a combination of practical skills and basic knowledge, preparing you to run your own agricultural business.
  4. Study what interests you: We offer a wide selection of plant- and business-related courses, plus, you can choose from a range of elective courses.
  5. Growing sustainably: The program covers topics related to stewardship of the land and how you can reduce use of pesticides and herbicides through precision agriculture.

What will I learn?


In the two-year diploma program, you'll become well-grounded in everything from plant propagation to soil science and entomology. Our business courses, like accounting or human resource management, give you insights into the smooth running of a business.

What can I do?


A diploma in Plant Science prepares you for an exciting future career in many dynamic plant-based industries: Plant biology technician, greenhouse manager, crop production manager, floriculturist or landscape manager. At Dal, you'll discover the right path for you.