Brenda Merritt

Dean - Faculty of Health, Associate Professor


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Phone: 902-494-8804
Fax: 902-494-1229
Mailing Address: 
School of Occupational Therapy Dalhousie University PO Box 15000 Halifax, NS B3H 4R2
Research Topics:
  • Occupation
  • Chronic Disease Chronic Condition
  • Health Professional Education
  • HIV
  • Rehabilitation
  • Curriculum Evaluation
  • Objective Measurement
  • Activities of daily living


  • Ph.D., Education and Human Resource Studies (Interdisciplinary program between Educational Leadership and Occupational Therapy), Colorado State University, 2000-2007
  • M.S., Occupational Therapy, Colorado State University 1997-2000
  • B.S., Psychology, Colorado State University, 1996-1997
  • B.S., Equine Science (science concentration), Colorado State University 1986-1990

Research interests

Brenda has conducted research within the areas of interprofessional health education, curriculum design and evaluation, and the development of innovative educational strategies to cultivate professional behaviour and clinical decision-making skills. Her research portfolio also includes investigating how chronic health conditions, injury, determinants of health, and/or environmental contexts impact a person's ability to participate in chosen and necessary daily life activities.

Selected publications

  • MacKenzie, DE., Merritt, BK., & Holstead, R. (2019). Professional practice behaviour: Identification and validation of key indicators.  British Journal of Occupational Therapy, 83, 432-446.
  • O’Brien, K.,  Hanna S., Solomon, P., Worthington, C., Ibáñez-Carrasco, F., Carusone, S.C., Nixon, S.,  Merritt, B., Gahagan, J., Baxter, L., Gayle, P., Baltzer, R.B., Tattle, S., & Yates, T. (2019). Characterizing the Disability Experience among Adults Living with HIV:  A Structural Equation Model Using the HIV Disability Questionnaire (HDQ) within the HIV, Health and Rehabilitation Survey. BMC Infectious Diseases, 19, 594.
  • Hanberg, V., MacKenzie, D., & Merritt, B. (2018).  Scoping review of the Multiple Errands Test:  Is it relevant to youths with acquired brain injury?  British Journal of Occupational Therapy, 1-14,
  • Roho-Moto, G., Pedrero-Pérez, E.J., Huertas-Hoyas, E., Merritt, B., & MacKenzie, D. (2017).  Allen Cognitive Level Screen for the classification of subjects treated for addiction. Scandinavian Journal of Occupational Therapy, 24, 290-298.
  • O'Brien K.K., Ibanez-Carrasco I., Solomon P., Harding R., Cattaneo J., Chegwidden W., Gahagan J., Baxter L., Worthington C., Gayle P., Merritt B., Baltzer-Turje R., Iku N., &  Zack E. (2014). Advancing research and practice in HIV and rehabilitation: a framework of research priorities in HIV, disability and rehabilitation. BMC Infectious Diseases 14, 724.
  • Merritt, B.K., & Gahagan, J. Kottorp, A. (2013). HIV and disability:  A pilot study exploring the use of the Assessment of Motor and Process Skills (AMPS) to measure daily life performance. Journal of the International AIDS Society, 16, 1-8.
  • MacKenzie, Ds. & Merritt, B.K. (2012). Making Space – Integrating meaningful interprofessional experiences into existing curriculum. Journal of Interprofessional Care, 27, 274-276.
  • Merritt, B.K., Blake, A.I., McIntyre, A.H., & Packer, T.L. (2012). Curriculum
    Evaluation: Linking Curriculum Objectives to the Essential Competencies. The Canadian Journal of Occupational Therapy, 79, 175-180.Canadian Journal of Occupational Therapy, 77, 22-29.

Selected awards and honours

  • 2013 -  Faculty of Health Professions Teaching Excellence Award
  • 2009 -  Class of 2001 Faculty/Staff Recognition Award


  • Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists Academic
  • Nova Scotia Society of Occupational Therapists
  • World Federation of Occupational Therapists